• My girlfriend got an epederall (or however you spell it) and it didn't hurt her at all
  • It depends on the woman, the size of the baby, the size of the woman, and many other factors. Very few women who do "natural;" childbirth are in no pain. Labor and delivery can be a long and painful experience for some women, and for others, not bad. You can always have an epidural, which helps the pain alot. Talk it over with your doctor if it is your upcoming delivery. Each woman's experience is different.
  • it hurts like no other hurt. my son took 36 hours but everyone is different my sister only took 4 hours. the pain afterword is not as bad as labor but is not pleasant and lasts about a month.
  • it' different for everyone. no one can tell you how your birth will be. it will hurt, how it is dealt with is between you and your midwife and/or doctor.
  • The period of time a woman is in labor varies in each birth. I know women who were in labor for 2 hours. I also know people who were in labor for 36 hours. The 36 hours doesn't happen much anymore, as the doctors opt for a c-section before that time (usually). The amount of pain you feel depends upon your pain tolerance and any anethesia you choose. Childbirth without anethesia is very painful, as you can imagine. The baby squeezes down your vagina, and your cervix only dilates to 10 centimeters (a little over 5 inches). Generally, the skin between the vagina and the anus is cut by the doctors, which makes stitches easier. Otherwise, it usually rips, making the stitches more difficult.
  • well i don't know about anyone else,but it wasn't that it hurt so much as it makes you feel like you have to use the bathroom really bad. i was in labor for 3 days,so by the time i was to push i was so tired that it was harder to push for the two hours i pushed. it also helps if you walk as much as you can when actually burned, but once the baby is out you pretty much forget about it.the worst part is the head coming out.
  • Yes it hurts no lie about that you can get drugs for that. Labour can take 20 minutes (woman in bed next to me, she had her second in the driveway of her home in her car) to several days. The long horrific labours (Melly in Gone With The Wind) don't happen anymore. Docs attach fetal monitors to the abdomen and keep a check on the mum. Any distress then things can be speeded up or a c-section can happen to avert disaster. The first time round is often more painful because you don't really know what is going to happen. You can watch other mums, read all the books talk to docs and nurses and midwives, but until you experience if yourself you can't know. However, I have found that by the next day it really does become a memory, I can remember the pain and all that happened, but hormones kick in and none of it really mattered, I had a baby to look after and yes, it is worth it. 100%!
  • Well every woman is different. I have really bad cramps every month. When I went into labor, I just slept. I slept through the majority of it, and when it came time to deliever the baby, I woke up did what they said and went back to sleep until the next time they woke me up. It was a natural birth with the exception of something to bring my blood pressure down and Magnesium Sulfate (nasty stuff there). I personally didn't think it was any worse than my regular cramps. I never cried, screamed or fussed. At least not untill the blood vessles tore away from the stitches of the episiotomy. Then I was fussin'. I ended up needing emergency sugery, and I don't really remember anything after that. I was in labor they said for 15 hours, and it took me about 1 hour to push him out. He was 21 inches long, and 5 1/2 pounds.
  • Yes, it usually hurts really badly. It's also true every woman is different, however, and so is each birth for the same woman. Some have back labor, where pain is felt from the contraction of the uterus AND in the back. Others, *only* (said rolling my eyes) have uterine contractions to contend with. The most painful contractions are the transitional ones mentioned, where the cervix completes the last 4-5 cm of dilation, and the baby begins descent down the birth canal. For me, transition was worst with my third child, but all three births were about 7 hours long (counting from the first painful contractions). First births usually take longer, because you (and your body) aren't physically 'trained' or prepared for what to do. Time varies, because some women count early contractions and others begin counting when in serious pain. If you're considering an epidural, remember that you're confined to bed for it, and you need a couple IV saline bags pumped into you before you get the pain medication. Plan ahead. As for crowning, if you stretch your mouth with your fingers at the corners, pulling hard, this is a similar 'burning' sensation. Sometimes the pressure from the baby's head helps 'numb' the area enough for a shot of local pain relief, especially if an episiotomy is required. The best thing you can do to reduce your pain, naturally, is relax as much as possible, since tensing up only tightens muscles, and increases the pain and your body has to fight against it. After pains are like really bad cramps. Don't waste time worrying about the pain though. It's all manageable, and well worth the effort!
  • May I suggest prenatal classes?
  • Ummmmmm yes. But there is a chemical hormone in the human brain that makes you forget the inensity of the pain [but this is only after, not very helpful whilst you're trying to push a baby out of there] I was in labour with my daughter for 3 days. The 1st two days were increasing pain [rather like a period pain] The last day was pretty painful. By the time I got to the hospital it was too late for pain relief. After the birth I didnt need any stitches and I was fine. [It stings a bit when you wee but if you get a bowl of warm water and pee in it it soothes the stinging] At the end of the day, everyone is completely different, which is why no one can really give a straight answer to this question. But generally, yes, it effing hurts.
  • dunno havent had a baby and not planin on avin one to haha read all these comments its put me off!
  • OMG yes. With my daughter, since it was my first time going through it, I ended up WALKING into the hospital after (unknowingly) being in active labor a few hours. By the time I got in a room, I was told that I was 10 cm - as they told me that, my water broke...worst feeling eVER - but I was so out of it, I started crying thinking I peed on myself and the bed. They wouldn't give me any meds until they spoke with my doctor, whick took another 20 or so minutes. By the time my doctor told them to "give her whatever she wants" it was too late for an epidural. I ended up getting a spinal, which calmed me down enough to where I could lay on the bed. The nurse even commented that I'm "much nicer when medicated - ha ha" the time my doctor got there and they allowed me to push, the damn thing wore off (about another 30 minutes) and I couldn't husband was standing there with a scared look on his face, holding my hand....the nurse telling me to "stop screaming and push"...I ended up just kicking her across the room. So angry. I couldn't push my munchkin doctor had to slice and dice to get her (took after me, poor thing...big head....) and while she lay in the warmer, playing w/my husband my Dr. was standing there...and I quote..."running a hem"...that little girl was 9'11 and 22 inches long. It hurt, I'm telling you, it hurt like hell. totally worth it, though.
  • I had twins three weeks ago and to tell you the truth I died of pain. But dont worry because if you asked for them to put you to sleep for a little while you wont feel a thing. HONEST! I was haveing them and the 3 doctors only put a little of anesthithia]they were pulling the baby and I was screaming to death! It was screaming and nothing stopped me. My two friends were also shocked but it was worth it! But my husband hold my hand and i felt much better. after a while I felt better and now I have two baby girls!
  • Labor is different for everyone. My sisters had very fast births for their children but I was 28 hours. My body was in transition for hours before my cervix was. I had scar tissue from something(they couldn't tell me)that was preventing my cervix from dialating. It hurt real bad and because I was only at a tight 3 they couldn't admit me or give me anything for the pain. Once they streched the cervix the labor went along really fast. To answer your question it was not a walk in the park. Nor is it something I want to do everyday (or year for that matter) but this pain is different, its for something. You can do it. Just take each contraction as it comes and don't fight them. The aftermath isn't fun either but before you know it your child will be rolling, walking , talking and forget how bad it really was until you go into labor again.......
  • when I was ten I went to get my ears pierced and I asked my two older sisters, who's ears were already pierced, "how much does it hurt?" They both told me I would hardly feel a thing and then of course I was very upset with them after both ears were pierced,swollen,burning and red. They said they lied to me because I would have chickened out if not. I think labor is going to be like that- they have 5 children between them and they say "It's really not that bad"...but I always remember the swollen ear thing.
  • At first I wanted to say Hell yes but really it depends on the individual.I don't think that you should listen to other peoples experiences because everyone is different. Just like every birth is different.If this information is for you I wish you good luck.
  • my sister just recently had a baby. she was induced and she had an epidural. she said you really dont feel any pain with an epidural but you do feel pressure. i have been asking alot of people questions about birth because i am due in july and i am very nervous because i dont deal with pain that well.
  • It is painful but everyone is different. I was in labor for about 26 hours i believe and i had to be induced which made the contractions more painful. But i got the epidural becuase of that and then pain was gone. When your actually having the baby you do feel pressure and you have the urge to push...basically it feels like you have to take a big poop when your pushing, especially when its all numb lol. But when you see your baby, Omg its the most amazing experience ever! Its REAL LOVE at first sight! :D Hope you have a great birth experience!!! Good Luck!!!
  • It hurts, but it varies. Each birth is different. My first was awful. I nearly died in the process, but it is the easiest pain in the world to forget. I got pregnant on purpose 2 years later! Learn the breathing techniques and learn to let the pain wash over and through you. Don't fight it. If you tense up and fight it, it is about 10 times worse.
  • it hurts like hell, but after the baby is in your arms its all worth it , as for the other it depends it could be anywhere from 30 min to 48 hours .
  • damn reading all these stories about the pain makes me not want to have any! but maybe just one and thats it!
  • Yes it hurts. I went natural with my first one (no pain killers) because it seemed like the "right thing to do". With my second one, I told them to give me drugs and that made it easier.
  • I gotta quote Bill Cosby's wife here, "It's like pulling your bottom lip up OVER your HEAD!"
  • It definitely hurts!! I had an extremely short labor (for a firstborn) (about 4 hours), the main problem was that I had no pre-labor, I went from fine to major hurting! In fact, since it was 3 and a half weeks early, I could not get anyone to believe I was really in labor. By the time I had convinced someone and arrived at the hospital, I was already dialated 10cm and they would give me no painkiller at all. I wouldn't go through it again for even a million dollars. Good thing I only wanted one child!!
  • yes, childbirth usually hurts--a lot. as far as how long it hurts, a woman can be in labor for up to 36 hours, according to my knowlege. but it varies with each woman, so i wouldn't worry too much. contractions come and go and the time between them begins to shorten the closer it gets for the baby to be born. the best thing to remember is to relax and remember your breathing techniques: it'll only seem much worse if you tense up. but like i said, every woman is different. though i would recomend and epidural if you're that worried about being in pain. my best wishes to you and good luck!
  • 5-18-2017 I'm a guy, so I have no idea. But you might notice that women who have babies always want to do it again real soon.
    • Linda Joy
      Not all do.
  • It varies. I was in labor 24 hrs, I never dilated past 5 cm and he never came past a -2 station. They tried three times to give me an epidural and couldn't get it right. I heard things crunching in my back. My water leaked and sealed back over and then they broke my water during a contraction and finally after 24 hrs they took him cesarean. Then I got an air pocket and when I got up the first time after he was born it felt like my incision was going to rip open and my guts spill out. Its one of the main reasons I never had another.
  • thats what ive heard
  • The doctors can administer drugs to make child birth painless.
    • Linda Joy
      Really?! Is that what happened to YOU when YOU were in labor? It doesn't always work that way.

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