• Never ever heard that term. Only term I have heard used was "carrot top."
  • I have never heard that term and have lots of red head family members.
  • I have red hair... never heard that term and I thought I'd heard them all!
  • Slang nickname for a redhead in Australia.
  • I'M just guessing,but maybe because there skin in so white you can see the blue veins!?
  • I've never heard "bluey" before.Here in the US they are often called "RED", "STRAWBERRY" etc. As for me I refer to male redheads as GODS!
  • I had never heard that term until today when my Australian boss just told me it is my new nickname. I had no clue what he was talking about. Frankly I also do not understand how it makes any sense.
  • Never heard of that. my bf has BRIGHT red hair and I love it. yay!
  • Never heard of that. do people with red hair tend to have blue eyes? maybe?
  • Wow this question's old but they're called that, simply, because blue is the opposite of red lol It's not a big mystery.
  • i ve never heard that one but we call red heads ranga's like the monkey lol . . . so mean i no
  • haha yeah in australia we call'em ranga's or fanta pants
  • It originated from the Victorian Goldfields of the 1850s - 1860s. A large influx of Irish folk into the colony saw a good proportion of redheaded men trying their luck. They soon gained a reputation as hard drinkers, hellraisers, and fighters. So much so that when a redheaded Irishman passed by, the comment followed "there goes a blue" i.e potential fight. Hence the name Blue, then naturally Bluey followed. This also explains why women with red hair are not called Bluey.
  • I've never heard the term.
  • They are not. I've known quite a few redheads over the years and I've never heard of them being referred to as "bluey". The ones you know are probably nicknamed that because they used to play with Bluey Bear when they were children. Well, my sister and I also used to play with Bluey Bear when we were children and I've got dark hair while my sister is blonde. Hair colour has nothing to do with it.

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