• I have two favorite roads here in California that I like to drive and try to do so regularly: Historic Highway 49 ( ). Lots of gold rush history along the way, neat little towns, and just very enjoyable for me. Shoreline Highway 1 ( ). This windy, sometimes one lane, portion of the famed Highway 1 in northern California literally hugs the shore and you seem to be in another world altogether.
  • No longer. But in the "olden days" when my son lived in northern California and I'd make several visits a year to see him, I'd take the 5 for a forever 300 miles and then switch to the 152 and go about 100 miles and hit Highway 1 and from there I'd breeze on up to visit him...first it was at Berkeley where he went to college, then it was in Foster City where he lived and worked then it was to Castro Valley where he bought a home. Those were the days..I always like it better when he is in the same time zone. But alas, no longer! :)
  • In the last week, I cultivated a strange and highly unexpected bond with the New Jersey Turnpike. Against all odds, rhyme, or reason, that stretch has come to represent overcoming personal obstacle and a bridge to the new life ahead.
  • California State Highway #1, from San Simeon to Monterey, is a great stretch of road. Unique, beautiful and made for two wheels! I've been over the road many times. as I used to go to Laguna Seca (Monterey) each year for the MotoGP races held there.
  • Yes, Highway 120 going through upper Yosemite, especially where it goes by Tenaya Lake, Tuolumne Meadows, and Tioga Pass (which at an elevation of 9,941 feet, is the highest road point in California): I've been on it about 10 times, but not since September, 1994:
  • It's funny.....I could probably spit on Hwy 1 from where I am but still have never taken the drive. I guess you have to do it to do it. You don't just take that road to get somewhere usually. I'm a fan of rocking I-80 across the great nation!
  • Yes. Ca. Hwy. 38, east out of the Big Bear Lake area, is a fun road on two wheels. Perfect condition, especially for a mountain road, and is a great place to scuff-in a new set of tires. I've been on that road a few times.:)
  • Hwy 1 from OR border to San Francisco, like plenty of time to stop and go, 1 week in nice so we can visit our favorites places along the way.
  • State Highway 10 in Southeastern Colorado...done it a couple times...will do it again.
  • no they are all narrow, and winding, full of pot holes near me!! i am liking the new motor way thats being built tho :D
  • Rt 8 once you drive north past Waterbury, CT. I don't drive there often, but that part of CT is beautiful.
  • The Kancamagus scenic hughway which runs through the heart of the white mountains of New Hampshire. It's particularly beautiful in the autumn.
  • Merritt Parkway through CT. I've been on it a few times, but it has been a long time since
  • Any long country dirt road
  • I have several different roads in mind here on the Big Island, but driving over the Kohala mountain from Waimea to Hawi is particularly breathtaking. There's one point when you can see all the way down the coast to Kailua-Kona.
  • the road from san antonio to san diego. I loved the 23 hour trips
  • I used to drive it a lot. From Port Alberni, B.C. to Ucluelet, B.C. Vancouver Island. Beautiful.
  • Dallas to San Antonio a 4hr straight drive.
  • California State Highway 198 between King City and Coalinga. The perfect place to drive a motorcycle or sports car.
  • I love the road going around the south side of the island nation of Bonaire. Seeing the pink "seas" of the salt flats, the rough surf crashing onto the old plantation house, it was sad and lonely and beautiful all at the same time.
  • Besides the Pacific Coast Highway, which several have mentioned, it would have to be driving in the Canadian Rockies between Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.
  • When I lived near it, Diamond Lake Blvd. out of Roseburg, Oregon. It goes out through some incredible country following the breathtaking North Umpqua River and eventually becomes a two lane twisted wonder. I would take the cutoff to Steamboat Falls, driving it whenever I was in need of finding my center. When I was too emotionally scattered to function. It required concentration and focus to stay on the road and not run into log trucks and elk. Plus, it is about the most beautiful place on earth. Once I had pushed my little car as hard and fast as I dared, I could drive home with all of the loose ends of my life all tied up in a nice little bundle. It was great therapy, and a visual banquet!
  • What a great question, and I LOVED reading all the answers from the 22 people who responded before I did. I've driven quite a few of the roads mentioned. Clearly I need to check out some of the northeastern highways, and I'd love to. From my own experience, Utah highway 89, I-70, and 191, the roads through and between the canyon lands in Utah get my vote. Zion and Bryce canyons, then back to 89 and I-70 for the loop north and east to 191 and then south again. The Arches national park, Moab and Canyonlands are on the 191. We drove it in September a couple of years ago. Stunning! The whole area is wonderful, not just the parts within the designated national parks.
  • Two roads come to mind, both are in paper country. One's called the Golden Road, the other is refered to as the Boulevard. The latter runs from East Millinocket over to Stacyville. It used to be dangerous as both roads are run by paper companies, so yes as a matter of fact they do own the road, and can travel on any part or side of it they want. Some truckers have been known to target civilian vehicles, occasionally causing an unsuspecting motorist or two to run into the ditch. I've actually come face to face with a trucker before, who had the 'as a matter of fact I do own the road' stencilled onto his bug guard. You can learn pretty quickly to ride the ditches, especially on corners. Just put a Solidarity bumper sticker on your vehicle and you're pretty much a shoe in for a safe long as the trucker can see the sticker! I used to be on them often, but not so much since my back problems. Got to get back upta camp near the Boulevard soon to get some good photos of the mountain.
  • About a year ago they had just newly black-topped a stretch of secluded highway out by where I worked. The day was done and my ride was late, and for whatever reason I had my skateboard with me. It was a full moon. I skated as fast as I could down that road. Coasting through that electric summer night air and listening to the frogs and crickets chirping over the sound of my wheels rolling. I felt so free! No cars, no traffic... Ahhhh...
  • Angeles Crest Hwy #2 From La Cresenta to Newcombes ranch!

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