• That can happen and I am as guilty as the next
  • There you are +4. I think sometimes it is easy to overlook giving points. I know I do it sometimes and go back and add them but there may be occasions when I haven't.
  • I've noticed some ABers who never bother to give points. Those I may avoid after a time. But it's all to easy to just forget to give points for an answer. I've done it myself and noticed when I return to review a comment to the answer. So I just assume they inadvertently missed it unless it becomes a pattern.
  • Here's the thing. They may not know about it. If you ask a question and get 10 responses and answer them all, you forget about the question. Maybe another 30 people answer, and all you will see is one of them, because the others got crowded out due to our 5-page limitation. Unless each time you receive an answer, you go through the entire thread, you will miss some..guaranteed. I am not on AB afternoons or evenings..sometimes I get a lot of activity both in responders to my questions and comments to my answers. By the time I get back to AB how would I know who answered my questions while I slept if those questions/threads got crowded off by newer answers?. I wouldn't. Don't jump to conclusions. If you are very active you will have been guilty of the very same thing. :)
  • I was thinking that today ,one of my friends never seems to give me points but i always give him ,never mind though ive plenty of friends that do.
  • Especially, I have one friend who complained about not getting points which I always give him and I don't think he has ever given me a point.
  • and yes it does bother me :(
  • I try to ignore that now. Last time I checked, close to 7,000 of my answers didn't receive a point. It annoys me more when people answer my questions and don't give any points. And I know there are many current ABers who do this.
  • I am so like used to it. There's a group of buddies on here that give each other points and they often get 100 per question. And then the girls with pretty avatars. Me, I'm lucky to get any. I don't care about the points, mind, but it hurts to be ignored.
  • I have not figured the point system out here yet. I just answer questions.
  • yea there are some people I don't answer cuz I always gave them points for their question but never got any back
  • No, not annoying, but I do feel like they didn't appreciate the effort that was made to answer their question that they supposedly wanted to know about. So then i feel like they were just after MY points instead and not care about my answer. Oh well, life's too short to worry about it.
  • Lighten up. It's not like we can cash them in.
  • Yes all the time..I dont let it worry me tho I give them points any way. I always give points to who ever asked the questions and a few of the answers on that page also.. :)
  • no. so what if they r too lazy to give out points? big whoop.
  • Yes!! I'm very generous with my points and I expect the same!! But whatever....
  • No. Not one bit. My answers come without strings attached.
  • YES!!! I find it insufferable and incredibly RUDE. It is really the only way we have of showing appreciation for a question asked or comment offered. Lately I have begun NOT pointing those who chronically fail to mind their manners.
  • I don't care any more. ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It happens frequently sometimes it is forgetfullness other times people are not on site and others they are just rude enoughto be doing to just to get the points. It is sad that it happens but it happens too often these days to bother getting annoyed about it.

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