• I'm sure there's life somewhere out there. It's just impossible that there's no life out of the billions and billions of other plantets in the universe. Whether that life is intelligent or not is an entirely different matter...
  • yes i do.
  • I think nature doesn't do things in isolation. The universe will produce people or things like them under the right conditions. There are so many billions of other stars with balls of rock revolving around them at the right distance. There just has to be other worlds with life on them. Intelligent life too, I'll bet. This is officially the wacknuttiest thing I personally believe. I know in my guts it must be true.
  • I believbe there is nothing but life in the universe.
  • Considering how gigantically huge the universe is with its million galaxies, yes I think so.
  • I do,I think there is life outside our earth,and also life we can't see within our earth.
  • I think there is and odds are it is going to win. The fact that it beats us on earth does suggest a linguistic problem. Can aliens - those outside- defeat a population while beint inside the earthc astmosphere. I don't suppose I will care when it happens - but that still might be my question as I lay dieing for their ray guns.
  • I would think they look like us. With differences dependant on their planet, for example, on a planet with stronger gravity they might be shorter - or on an ice planet they could be completely covered in hair.
  • Yes, there must be. Not sure of the version of life there might be. But "Why there can't be life anywhere else than earth" would be more answerless. Life actually is a definite set of elements together at their most complex structures to produce such chemical characteristics which is said to be possessed by Living being. These chemical compound does NOT have anything to do with LIFE. They are purely acting as a unit showing their basic chemical property. To make the compounds act as to result life it requires certain rare conditions discussed here and this is undeniable that such condition cannot occur at any other place other than earth as there are billions and billions of other such Sun which can have their own system. Needs further explorations...
  • There has to be surely? i cant get my head around the idea that in this massive universe, and all the solar systems and planets, that we are the only planet able to sustain life....thats just a waste of space surely!
  • Douglas Adams said it this way.. (kinda) If the universe is infinitely large then there must be an infinite amount of stars. An infinite amount of stars has an infinite amount of planets. If our solar system has a finite amount of populated planets then we can say the same about all solar systems. A finite number of populated planets divided by an infinite numberof total planets gives a number so small that you might as well call it zero. So there are no planets, which means there are no people. This means anyone you meet is a figment of your imagination.
  • of course. the mother inlaw proves it. so does her daughter for that matter.
  • I can't prove it. Somehow though,I think it would be naive to think there isn't.
  • there has to is just a very tiny spect of the universe... there are billions of galaxies in this endless universe...there has to be life somewhere else maybe not as advanced or maybe even more advanced... mold only needs oxygen and water to live...
  • wouldn't that be a bit vain to think we were the only thing here?
  • of course there is life outside of earth. universe is vast. how can we imagine we are the only intelligent beings on this universe.many scientific evidences such as satellite images are proving it more and more that life does exist beyond earth.I am a total believer.
  • I epect there is. The big question is that when we interact with it, what will be the outcome? It would be far better for us to go to them then for them to come to us. If they prove to be violent at least earth would be safe. They could be far more advanced than we are, to the point where we are considered primative by thier standards.
  • No. I don't believe so, I think this life on Earth is something surreal anyway...
  • Yes, I believe there is life away from Earth. If there is life here, then we should be open to the possibility that life can exist somewhere else as well. Just my opinion.
  • i think its a bit egocentric of the human race to think/assume that we are alone in the universe. there must be others, the universe is gigantic and we are not that special.
  • Very difficult to answer. Even there is life outside the earth, we have no evidence of the same seen from here so far.
  • Sure. Scientists have already found what looks like Martian bacteria one or two orders of magnitude larger than anything comparable here on earth. If life is THAT common just in THIS solar system, it's surely spread everywhere throughout the universe. After all, the laws and constants of the universe apply everywhere, not just on earth.
  • Yes, for terrestial life was spawned from the celestial.
  • Of course. The universe is just too big and diverse for their not to be. I've even shut up religious nuts with that argument. "If we're the only ones, why did God make the universe so big that we, as a species, could never live long enough to explore it? It's the height of conceit to believe that we're the only ones."
  • The universe is so large it would be absurd to think that we are the only planet with some form of life, there probably is life elsewhere, but are so far away that they cannot contact us as we can't contact them. But who kmows? they might be in the process of creating something that can set out signals to a very long distance.
  • I personally believe If there were any life outside the Earth's encompass, then we would know by now, Sure there are billions of galaxies, so what, why can't they be empty of life? I also believe in the biblical accounts of life, God did create all the stars and galaxies other than Earth. The one thing I think is that if there were other life out there, I believe he would have no reason to keep that from us. He has spelled out the course of action to be taken on the Earth as this mortality life ends, and the new Earth begins. It's just a matter of reading the prophecies. So I have no reason to think there are any other life out there besides us. I think we are wasting time, money, and resources looking for other life out there, and if we did find some for some reason, I would imagine it would be an offspring of this Earth as in amoeba's or something, so what would it matter anyway? My opinion anyway. Happy life hunting you Nasa peeps.
  • i think its possible

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