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  • Yes because you could ovulate and start your period any time in pubety and you wouldnt know when Example you could have intercourse today and be ready to ovulate for the first time tomorrow,then youd get pregnant!
  • for sure!!! My first child was concieved this way. I have PCO, and hadn't had a period in 4 months!!! Even though i hadn't had a period for this amount of time i still became pregnant. Apparently some women can ovulate without one.... You are supposed to ovulate, then if the egg doesn't fertilize, 2 weeks later your lining sheds and you get a period, but if you have a medical problem for example, you wont get a period. Hope this helps..........
  • Not before puberty but then unless you are being abused that would not happen. Unless of course you are a VERY late developer You could of course have an illness or stress that stops periods but that does not mean you have definately stopped ovulating. After puberty Yes ovulation could occur at any time and even without having a period if you are having sex and are ovulating you can get pregnant
  • I have a question what does PCO mean? I am trying to get pregnet but my period is very Irregular is it posible for me to get pregnet?? and if so how would i know when the best time is??
  • im glad im a frog- (please keep the hate comments to a minimun)
  • yes u can. a woman can get pregnet at any time, even while on ur period. it just when ever ur body ovulates and every female is diferent, but it is posible.
  • before you've had your first or what? if you haven't started puberty yet, then no, you can't. as soon as you had your first menstrual cycle, you can.

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