• nicotine.
  • I cut the pictures out and read the articles.
  • This is pretty close to it.
  • With a magnifying glass
  • i put it on a leash and let it run around the yard during the day, but sometimes it chews it's way free and I lose it for a week at a time. but it comes back haggard and hungry and smelling of motor oil. I still love it though
  • Its seems to me when people effect your mental-health the safe road is always to associate closely with religious or educated people, not that people outside the realm or bad in general. That and to remember to accept defeat when your in a losing battle and exit gracefully.
  • I talk to myself and self-analyze continually...oh, wait...that may be why it needed looking after in the first place!
  • Shrink once a month. Psychologist once a week. And pills pills pills
  • Giving/volunteering fills the heart and calms the soul. Alternatively, weekend passes (just kidding!)
  • Do something nice for someone who's really in a heap of shit. It puts things in perspective.
  • good support from friends and family and positive mental attitude
  • it is god practice to my holy book.reading more my professional books n learn to my kids school text books.dont eat,running n swimming.5
  • AB and my Church.
  • Not very well at all. I don't do much of anything i could or should be doing with regard to my food and water intake and i take my good health for granted. I need to make some changes and i will start doing that today. Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)
  • i am using the public system. i was diagnosed with ptsd and depression. that was a long time ago. i would like to get a new diagnosis actually but i think it will cost a lot of money. i am in the MAP program. and my meds cymbalta and klonapin are covered by that. those work for me and so it really helps. i want a therapist but it is really hard to find a quality therapist so i am trying to shop around for one. i don't have one now... also i read zen teachings and try to practice mindful breathing everyday.
  • It helps by keeping up with my physical health. :-)
  • Exercise, treat your body like a temple & your mind will follow.
  • sex and excersize
  • Pretty haphazardly.
  • Exercise, music, having fun!
  • Hi, I see you are asking "How do you look after your mental health". Well, we are a reputed yoga studio in Houston, our classes are tailored to give you headspace and clarity and we involve using hemp to improve mental health, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Just use what you learn in the class and find relief at home or the workplace. You can try your first class and have free edible every time -
  • In this order my therapist, family, friends, my boy friend.
  • I don't believe people have changed over the last decade of decades. I think "changes" have been the result of conditioning people to believe they have mental problems and then are prescribed chemicals to maintain that mindset. This doesn't include birth defects (although many of those could have been avoided through a proper diet of the mother) - but it does include what I call "the alphabet diseases" (those that are commonly referred to using just initials - such as ADD, ADHD, ED, etc). These issues were never a serious problem decades earlier. "ADD", for example, was never a thing in my day. Back then it was simply referred to as "Not Paying Attention", and a belt across a person's ass would cure it right quick. Today, parents aren't supposed to discipline their kids - they're supposed to medicate them instead. The damage this has caused has been enormous. Kids no longer learn responsibility and they grow up to vote Democrat. Today, with a history of no discipline, people are unable to function in the real world and are diagnosed with one of the many alphabet diseases which will inevitably require a lifetime of medication to maintain their irrationality.
  • I'm looking for a balance to the stressful workday. for me, it's sports. i try to do sports every day. But I have to be honest and say that nothing takes me away that quickly. I don't take things to heart that I can't change. I can't think of anything that would endanger me mentally. Even with the loss of loved ones or serious illnesses, you have to be able to cope. If you are always aware that negative aspects are also part of life, it doesn't hit you so hard when these things happen.
  • I surround myself with happy people.
  • I try to associate with upbeat people.

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