• Absolutely! That should be a choice left to the woman not a matter of politics of for others to decide
  • yes...
  • I'm glad I don't have to make that call! That's one for our maker.
  • It should be strongly discouraged but let's not take away more of our freedom.
  • Yes: (1) The United States is a secular country and makes no mention of god or the bible in the U.S. Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Therefore, religious beliefs are null and void in the argument. (2) It is ultimately the choice of the mother; if the child will live a poor life due to unfit parents (who statistically are the most frequent recipients of unplanned pregnancy), or if the child will be ill and drastically impair the quality of his/her life, it is justified. There are other reasons for justification, as well. (3) I DO NOT think it should be used as a form of birth control and should be a last resort. The waiting time in the United States to adopt a baby is longer than the amount of years you can count on one hand; with this in mind, if the parent is able, it is preferable to make use of their "mistake" by giving the gift of procreation to a less fortunate couple.
  • You betcha! Clinton said it best, "abortion should be safe, legal, and rare"...
  • I believe it needs to be legal only because there are situations where a pregnancy would put a woman's own life at risk. I do believe we have a soul, and do think it represents killing, but the law must make exceptions in cases of self-defense.
  • No it would be amusing to ban abortion, so the desperate would resort to primitive techniques to rid them of their fetus
  • Abortion IS legal. However, it should NOT be a government, a religious or a mans issue. No one, I mean NO ONE likes the idea of abortion, but sometimes it's a necessity. I've never had one nor do I plan on having one (or kids for that matter), but I support the right to have one.
  • It's not quite that simple. Perhaps we should have the same regulations about killing unborn babies as we do annoying old people? Or wayward teens? Even if it is "legal safe and rare," there should be more acknowledgment of the taking of human life; such as having a dignified burial for the fetus instead of tossing it in the dumpster in a yellow trash bag.
  • yes legal for married and illegal for unmarried

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