• technically, until something stops it's motion, like a gravity field around a sun or planet that pulls it towards the surface of the sun or planet. it's not likely that anyone would be alive for that long though. the US's space shuttle can pretty much only make it to the ISS and the Hubble (less than 600 km above earth). the shuttle doesn't really have the capability to go to the moon, or return from the moon. only a capsule can do that. the moon is as far as we have traveled, and perhaps in the future we can travel to mars, but we can't go that far just yet.
  • In orbit a spacecraft may travel indefinitely. Linear motion however, would depend on how long Oxygen and food/water supplies last. My guess is about 2 x 149,597,900 kilometers.
  • Depends on if you want to get the astronaut back alive or not.

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