• Go to my room and cool off, so I dont hurt them, then I rip them apart verbally.
  • :( Is everything cool lady?
  • I then completely understand why some species eat their young...
  • I have a one year old and a 3 month old. Life has never been more rough. I can't reason with them and sometimes I yell. Usually my lack is patience is due to sleep deprivation.
  • i sit back and wonder where did i go wrong. maybe i am wrong. maybe the kid is right for a change. maybe i need to apologize.
  • They go through phases, mostly testing how far they can go with their behavior before you lay it to them..
  • Remove their privilege to their favorite pastimes (x-box, TV, phone, etc) until they decide to show some respect.
  • A verbal assault rains down on them like napalm on Koreans and they quickly lose something they enjoy, computer, TV, toy, whatever will give them a strong emotional memory to prevent a recurrence. They actually don't do anything like that anymore. Guess I succeeded. ;)
  • Your life makes their life possible. you take away what you provide that makes their life 'grand' and let them see if living without such privileges is worth mouthing off.
  • Take some Deep Breaths and Sit down and talk about it then determine a Mutual punishment,,That way your showing them Respect at the Same time ;)
  • Make sure the punishment fits the crime and don't make false threats! They will catch on very quickly. And remember, this too will soon pass.
  • I wait till I'm not so angry. It hurts when they do this to us. We give so much of ourselves to them. First of all I tell mine....."I am your mom" I don't care if you like me right now or not, you WILL respect me!!!! There are times I don't like you either, but I always love you.
  • I don't know about kids, but when the cat in my apartment pisses me off, I give him a good smack. He knows what he did wrong.
  • The two have never accompanied each other. Either they make me angry or they are disrespectful, and neither very often. I guess I made believers of them long ago that life is a privilege.
  • When they were growing up, I always called them on it if they were disrespectful. There were some times they did that as teenagers. And, I have to take the opportunity to say that now as adults, they are exceptionally respectful of all people. They have made me very proud of them.
  • i tell them to lie on their beds and do not move till i say so
  • have them suck ur cock or suck their cock
  • Most important thing you can do is to walk away to remove yourself from the situation, Calm down, think, and then deal with the problem. and remember kids have different ways of dealing with issue and pissing someone off and being disrespectful is one of them.
  • you talk to them about it but do not rise your voise then if it happens again punish them (ground them,or no computer or t.v and even time outs can help if they are still young)
  • I would recommend that as a parents you need to take actions early before he gets use to it/becomes habitual and don't care for it to respect parents. You need to change his behaviors, and early family based intervention is a best option. Like a home based intervention system that will help you deal with a wide range of problems that children often encounter including; anger, substance abuse, school issues, self-esteem, arguing, motivation, interacting with family, and more. This Home Intervention System is designed to be used for children as young as five years of age and up. Most children don't lack the ability to obey their parents or follow rules, they simply lack the motivation to do so. The Home Intervention System was developed by administrators of schools and programs for struggling youth and has been adapted for home use. The Home Intervention System shows you how to motivate your teen to make changes just like they do in these schools and programs. The System utilizes a simple but powerful Attitude and Behavior Modification Program. I have added this information, and I hope it would help you tackle the situation..See how it works...
  • My kids have never been disrespectful. They have, however, occasionally provoked wrath, usually resulting in a purple-faced, vein-bulging, bug-eyed, red-eyed, spit-as-you-yell tirade on my part. The fear of immenient death along with removal of whatever priviledge they hold most dear has always kept them pretty much even keel.
  • I don't have any kids, but when I was growing my folks either whipped my butt, grounded me, made stand in a corner, or took away my stuff like ex: stereo, cds, tv, etc.
  • I´d smack him so damn hard that he´ll be screaming a lot more. I´ll give him that time and after that we talk it out. My kids sometime seem a bit scared of me for that but they also know that they can discuss anything with me and they also do. So I´m simply assuming everything is great!

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