• if everyoone disbelieved in god then no one would go to heaven and hell would be full.
  • Peace on earth. No war, no hate crime, it would be interesting.
  • Ever seen Sphere? If no one believes, then the belief itself cannot exist.
  • There would be a lot less nuts (crazy people) in this world.
  • There will also be no more religions
  • I would imagine those who required the security that religion gives them would make something else to believe in.
  • In America, we'd finally be able to advance in science and actually study to wonders of stem cells. Also, we'd have people voting on actual issues (economy, healthcare, education, etc.) and not get hung up on meaningless wedge issues (gay marriage, abortion, etc.)...
  • I guess he's have to get a real job then.
  • We would choose another way to hate our differences.
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Well said!
  • If no one beleived in God I guess I would be dead because I beleive. Then the rocks would cry out in worship because there would be no one to worship him. And when rocks start singing I think everyone would start beleiving again.
  • We would devour each other.
  • Nothing much.
  • More people would live their life to the fullest here in the physical world (the world that matters), of course there would still be crime, those people with the attitudes of "Well when I die this is it so I might as well do whatever I want...", but the people that would want to make a difference and do something positive for their fellow humans after they are gone would make a tremendous impact.
  • Atheism would also disappear. Humanity and science would probably begin to progress in leaps and bounds because all of the money that is wasted on building churches or on tithing could be used to find cures for AIDS or cancer or to invent new clean sources of power. Hate crimes based on religious preferences would drop sharply .
  • We could turn all the "houses of worship" into houses of action, where instead of everyone trying to improve their own self to benefit God, we try to improve the quality of life for other people, to benefit society. (Well, some church groups already do that, but imagine if that's all any of them ever did) I think a lot more immediate tangible things would get accomplished if we focus on this life instead of thinking of an afterlife.
  • scince would advance greatly and there would be more money to go for social needs rather than to line the pockets of church leaders and build ostentatious churches. other than that very little would change. there would still be the same amount of crime, wars, et cetera.
  • Nothing, people or ''other beings'' would found another God, because God is with human beings for thousands of years. We call him God, Jahve, Budha, Krishna... There is even periods when human beings called fire or sun: ''God'' Is it God the Big Bang, the universe or just the Solar system. God will be with us people forever, no matter what is our name for him. And people... ooh people...
  • Hate crime would be less frequent, as would war. People wouldn't have to worry about being woken at 7am on the weekend by bigots-on-bicycles... There would be more money to help people, because it would no longer be used to buy church leaders fancy cars and clothes. We wouldn't waste money on monuments towards a thankless deity. Science would progress faster than it currently does, as we would have less people attempting to stand in it's way with pseudo-science and morals based on books that are thousands of years old. Children would not blow themselves up as a result of religious brainwashing. This all sounds pretty damn good...
  • It depends on which Gods were given up. I know for a fact that if Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, and Yahweh were given up, this world would be a much better place and humanity would be much healthier.
  • Devil would throw a party.Lol.
  • Isn't that the the John Lennon song? No Heaven, No Hell, no religion. Just peace on earth and good will toward all men. Then if that were our reality, we would live until we die, Right? But on the other hand; is there a God? Do we even need a God?, of course a lot of people say no. I though feel that the answer to those questions is yes. I have looked at both sides of this question. Here is a link that has some of the information that I found thought-provoking, that ask "Do We Need God"? I hope you find it interesting as well.
  • It would have to be the same God or there would be additional problems.
  • There have been a number of places on Earth where this was true, at least for a time. None of the scientific advances occurred nor did human behavior change appreciably!
  • No God given rights, hence rights would be given to humans by humans depending on statue, no objective morality, so morals would diminish as the arguement for them is subjective. No objective right and wrong just whatever is in vogue, science would have no rules as no objective morality, and since no one believes in God, then they would seek immortality, survival of the fittest would prevail, as it makes no sense to sustain the unfit, eugenics would be without morals, population growth would be a target as it is constantly increasing and taking a toll on the environment a long with living costs and energy and fossil fuel so quickest remedy is to kills a few billion people so the planet can regenerate or withhold health care, and food from the unfit, totaltolitarinism would prevail under communism, because to do away with the unfit or common man would eliminate competition which is needed under a conservative government.
  • We'll never know because it won't happen. Humans have an innate need to believe in something greater than themselves. Even societies that were never in communication with societies on the major continents had some belief system involving a higher power.
  • Interesting question. We'll never know for sure, but probably not much would change.

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