• I do in the WORST way!!! But R U Sirus is still healing from 2 root canals. I will have to find him and lead him to this question. LOL +5
  • I'm very odd in that I love going to the dentist. I've never had cavities (which may be why), and I really enjoy the feeling of my mouth when it's been scraped and cleaned. Ahh...I really need to find me a dentist out here! :)
  • Yes, I hate going to the dentist.
  • I have a great dentist. Doesn't hurt me at all.
  • Yes. Yes. Yes. They have to drug me into oblivion or my fear deactivates all the novocaine, and nitros.
  • You can drag me with a crane to the dentist cause i aint going anywhere near that dentist
  • I sure do...with a passion!
  • Ive hated going to the dentist for years but my fear of losing my teeth outweighed my fear of going. Root canals are really no different then having a long filling done. There really wasnt that much pain involved. The thing I battled was having a HELL of a gag reflex and struggling with a rubber dam put in my mouth. It was like the Keystone cops running around trying to get X-rays while jamming the X-ray equipment in the back of my mouth. The rubber DaM also traps saliva in the back of the throat so I was contantly strugging with that........that was actually the worst part for me. I did much better when the Dentist finally put me on Nitrous. But he doesnt really like using it. Whats the deal with that!
  • Yes, I used to dread the dentist when I was a child but not now. I visit my dentist at least twice a year now for dental checkup. I can't afford to lose more of my teeth.
  • yes i used to because of the long time you have to wait and just how uncomfortable it was, when they would stick,and poke your teeth and gums. but recently i have been to the dentist chroniclly because i have to see whether i have to get braces and surgery, so im now used to being in the dentist and im not scared anymore. its a good feeling not having to dread going to the entist anymore! :)
  • ive always loved going to the dentist even as a child.
  • I actually love the dentist. My teeth feel nice and clean afterwards.
  • I can handle the visit to the dentist, no problem. It's the bill that follows that I dread.
  • I hate the dentist ,i just had a filling done about two weeks ago ,i hate everything about it and them dam x-rays that are far too big for your mouth and you feel like your choking lol
  • Oh yes, i am scared of going there.
  • Yes at some point of time I was afraid,but as I found a good and caring dentist at Gentle Dental all my fear was over. Thanks to for having friendly and caring dentist.
  • Many people have dental anxiety. This can be overcome.
  • I love going to the dentist!My daddy is a pediatric dentist and everytime I go to the dentist(or him)he gives me hugs and kisses:)

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