• There are many variables that would determine if I could actually control the car, but in general I believe I could. In general, a tire is simple enough to change. However, I've encountered lug nuts that could not be removed with the tools supplied by the manufacturer so I was unable to change a flat. If the jack were to fail, or not extend far enough, you may not be able to get the new tire on. And you do know where to find the lug key, yes?
  • I would probably run off the road and die. And if I survived, there is no way I could change the tire... I wouldn't even know where to start lol
  • Have done both. But now if tires are rotated or bought new and they put them on in the shop they tighten them beyond the point that human strength can't undo them.
  • I lost a wheel and brought my car safely to a stop. (the southern version of the answer has me not spilling a drop of beer)
  • Well I don't drive so I guess I would not be able to control it but I can change the tyre.
  • No I do not feel confident I would be able to control the blowout. As far as the tire change, I would give it my best.
  • Yep. I had an excellent driving teacher in h.s. (thanks, Coach Clark) who taught me how to do both.
  • No and maybe (although I probably wouldn't). I've suffered both and although I did control the car, I was not confident. As for the tire change...I know how, but the da@#@ lug nuts are usually on too tight.
  • yes and yes- even with the piece of garbage jack they give you with cars now a days.
  • No for I have no experiance with both.
  • Yes, I feel I could control my car. I know it really well(despite only having it & my license for only 2 years)I have pushed this car many times, but is a keeper! As for changing the tire, I do not know how to but if the situation ever occured without help, I could do it. I learn best on my own, by figuring it out myself.
  • Depends on how fast I am going! And no, I ashamed to admit there is NO way I could change my tire. Thank God for AAA!!! hahaha (or thank GOODNESS for AAA!- referring to :} )
  • Let me put it this way. A few yrs ago my friend and I were driving from CT to ME (approx 8 hr drive) got a flat, she said "oh I can change it!" blah, blah, blah. Thank (goodness) someone pulled over to help, she was placing the jack under an important part of vehicle, that if she would have kept going, would have turned my flat tire into like an engine issue! LOL....... I will keep AAA and will call it a day. hahahaha, I would love to learn how to do myself though, I am not gonna lie, I do not like to feel dependent on anyone! OMG, this is SUPPOSED TO BE COMMENT!!! On laptop. I did something, apparently switched to answer, sorry Nunya!!!!!! I meant to comment, not answer again!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • never been in that situation - thank God!
  • Yes and Yes..My dad wouldn't let me drive until I could change a tire, belts, hoses..ect. :)
  • yeah i like to thank so.
  • Heck, I had a tire come off completely! At least I wasn't going more than 40 MPH at the time. I was still able to steet to the side of the road.
  • I think I'd be capable of controlling the car and as for changing the tire that would be no problem

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