• I am about to hurt you.
  • What she is trying to say is that she wants that other girl to just walk away,as to saying that she doesn't want to hurt her.)
  • Well generally girls really DON'T want to hurt you, so if she says it she doesn't want to...but she's probably about to.
  • she meant exacly that. we were frineds for 1 1/2 years befor she gave me her e-mail address. her first e-mail warrend me not to "love"(emotionally as much as sexually) her. i responded by telling her not to flatter herself. 4 years later i confessed that i did love her and it put me in a posisition where i was bound to get hurt. she meant it when she said/typped "i dont want to hurt you" but in essence if those words must be voice it means it is already too late.
  • It means watch out!!! Turn around, and never look back. But that can be prevent by several means. Try reading this book you'll know the secret to win her over.
  • Good bye Let's be friends
  • Good bye time to hit the road, i have somebody else.
  • Sorry, but got to hurt you now.
  • Goodbye.
  • she is saying get the Farfeild University away from me!
  • Apparentily, I might have given you the wrong idea and taken advantage of your kind sweet nature and hospitality, but its all good because I don't need you anymore, and this is cheaper then buying you a card because it protects my ego and makes me look like a good person.

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