• I think it could work if you didn't work in close proximity with him. If you did that, you guys would probably get a little sick of seeing each other constantly.
  • i dont think nethng in dis world can ruin a relationship unless u want it to...and if he really loves u it shudnt matter much whether u work or i bliv u shud work for urself. for u to be independent in dis present world its very imprtnt...n for that u gotta work baby
  • I guess it depends... Will you be working as co-workers or as boyfriend/girlfriend? How often will you be working? The idea that two people are spending all their time with eachother seems that it would be overwhelming, but if you're comfortable with it all I guess it wouldn't be a bad thing. If you're honestly in-love, something miniscule like that shouldn't ruin your relationship, unless either of you have something to hide, that you don't show for the periods of time that you're together (Make sense?).
  • If it were something that you were doing cooperatively that you both loved (e.g. running a Bed & Breakfast), it could work. However, if you are going to work for him in a boss-subordinate situation, you are *asking* for trouble. If you need to work for him for 6 months to get a recent entry on your resume, it *might* be worth it. But I wouldn't go beyond that.
  • Depending on how you are working with him will probably make the decision for him. If you are like his secretary that can make things difficult but, if you are just working for the same company in different areas that could help. Even different hours would work too. But, it has a lot to do with what you think. If you are worried about loosing the relationship you shouldn't do it. But, ultimately it is up to you.
  • Being your boss in a working situation could "blur" over into the private relationship. Once he becomes your "BOSS", no matter how, you will depend on him to get paid. Every arguement you have personally could affect your working situation--and vice-versa.You've already stated that he takes advantage of people, so why would you want to do his job? He'd work you 16 hours a day! In order to keep your job you'd have to be "submissive", and that would again blur over to the personal relationship.What if he decided to fire you? Or what if you break up? You'll end up on the losing end if anything goes wrong. This is a terrible idea. If he wants to "give" you money, open a "private" savings account and go get a job. If you really want to work for him after reading all this then draw up a very specific, detailed contract. Ask to be a partner with a certain percent of the profits.
  • It's usually not a good thing to work that close with family.
  • Dont do it. You go into a work environment and they find out you date it will be because you sleep with him that you got tbe job. Every raise or promotion or thank you that you get will be in the gossip mill that you didnt earn it that its because you sleep with him. Get a job somewhere else.
  • if you dont already have a job it might help to work for him

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