• call me a nerd but i love some of my teachers. i love my dance teachers even though they enjoy torturing us but i have always gotten along with my english teachers because even though they always tell me my writing sucks, i have always done well on essays because they push me to do my best and explain everything they try to teach me
  • I don't remember any of my teachers.............
  • well alot of them were fed up with the disobedient students that they did not care anymore and most of them taught only the ones who actually wanted to learn...i did not get along with some of my teachers cause they looked at me like i was trash or something but i definentaly respect them for taking the job and not punching a student yet...well actually i have seen a teacher hit a student lol.... but i have not had any influence from them but i do give them respect...
  • not a lot from school teachers, but as my life progresses, I am learning a lot from 'life' teachers that cross my path ! :)
  • My two Sanskrit teachers in school made me so interested in the language that I am continuing my study of Sanskrit to date - that is some 40 years after I left High School. Other teachers made me interested living a wholesome life in general and not just in the subjects they took classes on. Those days we had totally dedicated teachers who gave individual attention to each student. I will say they were the ones who have made me what I am today - a generally acceptable person.
  • A very positive influence. They taught me everything I needed to be a good human, a good professional and as much values of life as my parents have taught me :)
  • they were nice to me and i learned a lot in their class

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