• No economy is not so bad, some were in a "wait and see" mechanism.
  • Yes, half a million people losing their jobs a month....You don't need the news to tell you that's bad.
  • Yes and getting worse.
  • yeah! people are getting laid off everyday!
  • never heard of governments spending millions/billions $ on stimulus packages to save their economies and hey what governments like spending money anyway,so my answer is YES too.
  • Well, you want a "feel good" answer or the truth? Most folks can't handle the truth. NO, it isn't as bad, it's worse. Worse for several reasons. We are going into this depression heavily in debt, both nationally and individually. We are facing a energy crisis, thanks to our do-nothing politicians who keep passing the problem on after pretending to try to do something. We have more men in prison than we have farmers. Most, or much, of our population is addicted to instant gratification and will not be willing to endure a long economic crisis. Additionally, they are not able to do many of the things they need to be able to do, such as secure by hunting/fishing/farming to produce enough food to survive. The education system is so lousy we have at least a couple of generations that are incapable of producing products that anyone else in the world wants. We are divided with hate and intolorance, each group trying to fix the blame instead of fixing the problem. Sorry, you asked for it.
  • Yes I think it is. And maybe worst. Many people have lost their jobs and it is spreading into many other areas.
  • If you mean the US media, in fact the economy is worse than they realize. For example they still refer to the current conditions as a recession when they're actually a depression and unemployment is around %3 higher than the official figure. In a relatively short time, there will be civil unrest in several major US cities, along with camps of homeless people springing up, the size of which hasn't been seen since the Great Depression and people being willing to work for food only, rather than starve. The images will be a direct reminder of how things were in the 30's, probably only then will the media and government finally admit that the US is undergoing a period of depression.
  • It is horrible. I do thing that the media does not realize how bad it is. I am one of the HUNDREDS of people that just lost their job. KEEP in mind where i live, there is only one GOOD place to work at and I was one of the many who lost their job. I have to travle more than 25 miles to go to another little town to see work. 100 miles before a good city comes by. It is really hard. THOUSANDS are losing their jobs everyday. I don't think it is a Resession anymore it out right a Depression.
  • yes and its going to hit rock bottom before summer and make a quick recovery, I hope:)
  • I think it is worse. Hold your money close and your family closer.
  • yes they are still sugar coating it - if the public knew how bad things really are and are going to get it would be mass panic, they are working the word depression in slowly - watch out.
  • I think the economy is as bad, no, actually worse than the media proclaims it to be...gonna get worse :)
  • Are you kidding me? I think its worse. Half of my friends have been laid off and business' that have been around for decades are suddenly going out of business.
  • Bad? That makes it sound to nice, let's instead call it a catastrophe. If you calculate the value of a legal tender dollar bill, (which is in circulation today) and compare it with the value of a silver/gold certificate also equal to one dollar. It would take you thirty one dollar legal tender bills to buy just one, $1 dollar silver/gold certificate standard bill. Technically speaking, all Federal Reserve issued bills today have no value, they are not even worth the paper that they are printed on. The only thing that currently keeps this money afloat in the economy is the American credit score, which just went into the toilet back in October of 2008. The collapse of the American economy will then usher us into a new world of government and a new monetary standard, wiping the faces of our four fathers off our beloved currency, for the pharo-masonic symbolism of the Amero. Now does that sound bad?
  • It's worse. The media are protecting you from the really bad news, so that you will keep spending. The danger to the economy is that people will stop buying new items. Factories would then stop producing, then lay off workers, who could then no longer afford to buy, etc. It's a vicious cycle. It was started by the deficit spending practices of George W. Bush. He borrowed $100s of Billions from China and other nations to finance his invasion of Iraq.
  • You just need to look around. Restaurants and airlines are shut down. That is the 35% of the global economy anyways. That should be enough to educate the masses of the massive economic dip.
  • The Stock Market is doing fabulous!
  • Yes, by all matter of facts, it is bad. the media does little on reporting how so few are paid well at all, and the USA congress passing up raising the minimum wage, people deserve shot for forcing that poverty on so many so often. The data is all there, wages are low, and most everyone is living beyond their means.
  • The economy is doing great! Check the stock market.
  • It's fantastic!
  • Nope, some people don't want work
  • It's bad. Really bad. How bad depends on who you ask, and more importantly, who you can believe! Even the mythomaniacal MSM (nicknamed TASS West) is finding it hard to spin doctor these facts into obliviation. ----
  • At the moment (July 15, 2021), the media are NOT proclaiming the economy is bad. On the contrary, they are saying quite positive things about the direction in which we are going, and so are economists. We're dealing with some inflation owing to supply chain problems caused by the pandemic, but these are likely to be ironed out by the fall. The pandemic did plunge the US and global economy into serious problems, Fortunately, we are rapidly climbing out of the abyss.
  • The economy just describes the worth of labour, i.e how hard they can get the cattle working. Money is created out of nothing, it's an IOU. Look at Banking the biggest scam in history.

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