• Truly, Madly, Deeply Ghost Dirty Dancing Sleepless in Seattle Four Weddings and a Funeral Notting Hill Titanic Howard The Duck (for light relief...) Jack and Sarah Phantom Of The Opera
  • Shall We Dance? (Japanese version) Like Water for Chocolate Hm. That's all I can think of.
  • 1.Pretty Woman 2. Moulin rouge 3.You've Got Mail 4.City f Angles 5.Four Weddings and a Funeral 6.Love Story 7.Casablanca 8.Roman Holiday 9.Gone With the Wind and 10.Ghost also rans are Dirty Dancing,The Bridges of Madison County,An Affair to Remember, When Harry met Sally, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, When a Man Loves a Woman..... and now I will stop or my list will never end. :)
  • 1. Shakespere in Love 2. One Fine Day 3. Notting Hill 4. Wimbledon 5. What Dreams May Come 6. Out of Sight 7. Breakfast at Tiffany's 8. You've Got Mail 9. Never Been Kissed 10. 10 Things I Hate About You (Heath Ledger RIP)
  • Love Story would be the absolute No. 1.
  • Love Story, To Sir With Love, Farmers Daughter, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and that is it for me. i don't like a lot of romance in movies.
  • 1. Twilight. 2. The wedding singer. 3. A walk to remember 4. Never been kissed. 5. Love story. 6. You`ve got mail. 7. Sleepless in Seattle. 8. Armageddon 9. Beauty and the beast 10. Shrek
  • I'm not generally into romantice movies but Casablanca
  • 1. Fatal Attraction 2. War of the Roses 3. White Men Can't Jump 4. Naked Gun 2 1/2 5. The 40-Year-Old Virgin 6. Kramer vs. Kramer 7. Animal House 8. The Lonely Guy 9. After Hours 10. Blue Velvet . ....;-D...
  • well, because my weird life, I would have to say my favorite is.. Dan in Real Life.. I know...I'm strange.
  • Pride and Prejudice Sleepless in Seattle A Walk In The Clouds A Walk To Remember Maid Of Honor Fools Rush In My Big Fat Greek Wedding An Officer and A Gentleman Benny and Joon Jerry Maguire
  • Romeo and Juliet (1968); Gone with the Wind; Casablanca; Somewhere in Time; Ladyhawke; Camelot (1967); Seven Brides for Seven Brothers; The Truth About Cats & Dogs; Dirty Dancing (1987); Harold and Maude
  • The Notebook The Way We Were

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