• Wynn. 5 ***** +
  • The biggest bargain in the luxury hotel range has got to be the Hilton. It's off the strip, behind where the Sahara is, and you can find special deals there like $59 a night, including breakfast and/or supper buffet. You can actually find fairly cheap rooms a lot of places, and off-strip or on-strip makes a difference in the cost. I think if the Bellagio (my favorite on-strip hotel and never to be considered inexpensive) moved off-strip, that would be perfect, I prefer the less noise of off-strip. And I can walk the couple blocks to on-strip places. You don't ask, but my favorite hotel to EAT at is Paris, Paris, where the buffet is spread all over this huge space and represents different provinces in France. YUM!!
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  • Every time I go, I have the best time at Excalibur for some reason. The others are all pretty nice, but I think the excalibur has the most to do for all ages of people, and it's not so glitsy and glamory.
  • I like the Mirage or the Venetian
  • Circu Circus The slots pay more and the cheesecake is straight from New York.
  • Hands down, if you've got the bucks? Bellagio. Classy, elegant, great restaurants, rooms, shows.Right in the middle of the strip. I'm a Tour Director with some tough customers- if they complained about this place, I'd throw them in the dancing fountains!
  • The Monte Carlo, is a pretty good one.
  • We usually stay at the Bellagio, The Mirage , or The Wynn because the are on the strip and are all very nice. If you don't mind staying a little farther out, The Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas is Fabulous !!
  • The best three are the Four Seasons, The Venetian, and the Bellagio. The list is here:
  • What do you mean by best? Best price? Best value? Most Plush? Best family accommodations? Best location?I'm just trying to get a better feel for what you're asking so I can answer as accurately as possible.
  • the bellagio or ceasar palace...
  • I got back last month & stayed at the All Resorts Casino. Belagios is great but very expensive. The Luxor is ok too
  • There are many nice hotels I have been to the sands and Belagios man delay bay and they are very nice
  • You cannot go wrong with The Bellagio, The Mirage,Caesars Palace, or The Wynne. It just depends on your personal tastes .
  • Being an ex-resident, if you want the off the beaten path hotels, stay at the Fiesta or Palace Station, which are not on the strip. The Fiesta and the Texas are out on Boulder Highway and have great buffets and reasonable rates and are often the places were the locals go and eat and gamble. If you want to stay on the strip, I always thought for your money Treasure Island is a nice hotel that puts you in the heart of everything and has decent ammenities. It depends if you want luxury accomadations or best value for your dollar, Vegas has it all. You could even get a room out in Boulder City near the Hoover Dam pretty cheap and have more of a small town experience there.
  • The Bellagio is by far the greatest (and the most expensive), but I think most any one will be fine. You can stay in a dumpy hotel and just go out and visit the nice ones and just use it for sleeping only. That's kind of what I did.
  • When I went to Las Vegas, I stayed at the MGM Grand and loved it. Awesome hotel, not to mention the biggest in the world.
  • The Bellagio is definitely one of the best. also Caesars Palace !! i had an amaziiiing time staying there!
  • I can tell you the worst place! I got stuck at a place called Terrible's off the strip. The name says it all.
  • there's a lot! but there's a way to choose. can give you luxury travel auctions starting at $1.
  • The Bellagio
  • I've lived in vegas for 6 years now... and I'd say this is the line-up: bellagio THE hotel Monte Carlo venetian but if your trying to keep on a semi tight budget the mirage mgm luxor are three good ones
  • Hotel Las Vegas is the nice hotel to stay in Ls vegas, Last year i have been there , This hotel is situated just 300 metres from the beach, in the centre of the popular seaside resort, Calella 50 km north of Barcelona. The location is ideal for guests looking to enjoy the beach and the vibrant local nightlife. Close proximity to shops, bars and restaurants also. The facilities are comprised of a games room, cafe-bar, outdoor pool and a large terrace and gardens where you can sit back and enjoy your favourite drink.
  • i would stay at the Luxor hotel! i never stayed there, i stayed at a Marriot 5 mins away from the strip. but i went to it to look around and its awesome! its shaped like a pyramid and they have a huge pool with water slides! they also have a pretty big casino! also the rooms are slanted b/c of the pyramid shape! i went to las vegas when i was 17 so i couldn't have some real fun, but i'll go back there again someday and i'll stay at the Luxor! =D
  • The Trump International Hotel. I was there back in 2015 on my trip to Las Vegas. The hotel has a 5-star rating. Nothing but cleanliness, ample space and luxury. It has large bathrooms, and a fitness center in which I liked.

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