• Yep. Sure is. AND, it's against the rules to ask for them in questions.
  • I don't think you should have to demand them as that is a little strong but it's just common courtesy to leave points. I understand sometimes it's easily forgotten so I don't see anything wrong with reminding them in a comment and if they still don't point then it's ok.
  • It is against the rules to ask for points for any question or answer good or bad. As for demanding, that is downright rude under any circumstances.
  • It's rude and against the rules here
  • Yes, nobody should demand points. They should be awarded as the questioner sees fit.
  • extremely rude. You should expect point for a good answer and if you see a good answer, give it points. Common courtesy.
  • It is rude to demand anything from anyone. Those who do are really not part of the "normal" AB Family. There are certain rules to societal interaction. No one owes anyone anything here, other than being civil, polite and non-confrontational. You give points or is up to each person. Demanding anything brands you as a bully and a point hog and we don't take kindly to such folks. :)
  • I believe so, however i believe demanding anything at all is rude.
  • Well it's not rude , is pathetic :)
  • To me it's mildly rude if the demand is only directed to AB members in general and not to something or someone more specific. I find it more amusing than rude to see somebody who actually thinks that such a tactic would work. It seems tantamount to an unarmed person trying to mug you: "Gimme your wallet, motherf****r, or I'll downrate you!" ;)
  • It is rude and against the rules at Answerbag. It usually backfires and brings out the worst in people, unfortunately. The best way to get people to give points to your questions or answers is to write good ones in a polite way.
  • what ever they say points is the name of this game. just down rate one of their answers and listen to them cry and moan and wail...oh I have been violated with a minus. oh how will I ever live another day.... and there are some wailers who complain about not getting their questions answered...oh woe is me, I am not getting any points. such cry babies...their total points is over fifty thousand and they just carry on about the lack of points. one cant make any demands on this for women only questions. one cant even demand that the answers be truthful or on the same track as the question. people dont ask twenty questions and think they are just being helpful. this game is about courtesy and making friends. no one likes someone who is demanding. or withholding.
  • Yes, of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?

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