• From trees.
  • I have two stone fireplaces one in the living room and one in my master bedroom.
  • I have 1 wood burning fireplace and a gas furnace but we use the fireplace more than the furnace. I cut my own wood since I have a 20 acre forest in my back yard. For every tree I cut down I plant 10 more just for the firewood.
  • I bought mine from the boy scouts of America.
  • We have blue Vermont Castings wood stove as our primary heat source. We also have a fire pit, two of them actually, outside, one raised to use on the porch and one on the ground. We get the wood from a log supplier who delivers cleaned logs about 16-20 feet long which we cut in lengths and then split. We also sometimes use wood from our own trees.
  • We have a wood stove. Where I live we have a pine beetle epidemic which is killing all the pine trees. We take it down on our property. Great stuff for burning.
  • We have a wood stove and we have a woods out back, so that's where we get the wood.
  • wood? I'd like to know what kind of stoves burn brick or rock.

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