• Sorry... You gotta pay the deposit, or get a pay as you go phone. :(
  • try sprint. they approve just about anyone
  • You probably don't have any choice right now. But I suggest starting to rebuild your credit. A good place to start is with a secured credit card-pay it off every month and it gets reported monthly. Get's you back in the game.
  • I recommend you pay your bills you freakin' mooch. 8:D
  • yeah pay your bills jackass. and pay the deposit. they will return it
  • alltell
  • T-Mobile shouldn't require a deposit; they only offer flexpay plans with a two year agreement, which requires no deposit, or a monthly flexpay plan, which has no agreement and again, no deposit. If you want more variety, you might want to rethink your pay as you go options. There are plenty of decent no-contract monthly plans if you need a bad credit cell phone. I've linked a few of those options for bad credit cell phones here:

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