• Depends on how hard the terrain is. I can walk 5 miles without any provisions, water or anything. If its up a sharp slope then I'd take a break at the top. Probably bring water. Probably also a map, if the trail is easy to miss and/or its somewhere unfamiliar.
  • Plenty of water
  • Depends on the place and time of the year. Maybe a heavy coat, a cell phone, a lighter, some string, a first aid kit, extra socks and maybe a flashlight and a good knife. If you can find one that isn't too heavy, a mirror isnt a bad thing to have. Maybe extra car keys too and a pencil/paper. If it is in the wildnerness maybe a gun. Be sure to tell someone you trust where you are going and have them check with you when you are suppost to be back. A hat is good, especially in winter. You can lose a lot of body heat thru your head.
  • water, food, sunscreen, a jacket, cell phone, ipod, spare tire, pump, gloves, extra pair of socks, first aid kit
  • Water, knife, flint, that is all you need, i would probably want some food and a camera and aeroguard!
  • Most importantly, I will take my cellphone 📱, bottled water, a protein bar and Off! spray.

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