• Haram means banned or bad or not according to God's way. Pork is Haram because it's a scavenger so it eats anything it finds which is disgusting if you think about it plus it's not mentioned in the Qur'an to be slain in the name of God. Alcohol is fine for healing but not when it's abused in use. Islam doesn't have to say everything that's bad for us, we have to know which is bad and which is not. Science agrees on the notion that alcohol kills if not used properly, and smoking kills. If you smoke everytime, 8 minutes are taken off your life. Pork varies, so some people find it okay but others don't for health purposes. I hate and don't eat pork.
  • haraam means ban.islam want everything is ban who hurt to humanity or any person.individually is too important but humanity is is biggest cause of poverty of earth and sins and crimes.death sentence for illigal sex.i m wonder that christ and bible could not stop alcohal.really it failure of Christianity.i m proud to be a muslim.if any person love humanity than he will not drink alcohal. i m proud to be a muslim.islam is a treatment of usa too.islam can make usa good.
  • haram means not allowed or banned...pig is haram b.caz it hunts,its a scavenger and many other reasons science has proved..smoking is comon sence these day theyr is even a warning written on the boxes.Alcohol can be used for healing but if u drink it once u would want more and more,to much alcohal is very bad for us
  • do u mean that u r knowing everything ? man still on the beach of sea of science only God is allknowing.
  • smoking IS haram

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