• No. You get your W-2 from your employer either in person or in the mail. I suppose a few companies may have a company website where you could download and print your W-2, but it is fairly unusual. I'm thinking that you don't really know what a W-2 is. It is a form that you file with your taxes that lists how much money you made from a particular employer, how much income tax, social security and medicare taxes were withheld from your check and if you have a job that pays tips how much tip money you made. You take the information from this form and enter it on a tax form - 1040, 1040A or probably for you a 1040EZ. Then you send both forms to the IRS and if you're lucky they send you a check back for any taxes that you paid in (were deducted from your check)over what you owed.
  • how can i get my 2006 w2 free
  • I don't think so. But you can get your IRS issued W-2 in 1-2 business days from
  • You cannot get free W2 info. from accuview, it cost $17.95. I checked it out.
  • you can if you signed up for it the previous year. you can sign up this year for the 2008 W2. gives you the advantage of filing on Jan 15

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