• Sit them down, tell them the "new rules" and the consequences for infractions. Then, FOLLOW THROUGH EVERY TIME. It will get you past the time you are tested.
  • Have you tried a "points" system? I tried this with a class when I was student teaching, and I think it helped. Everyone starts out with the same amount of points, and you add and subtract their points based on their behavior. Then, say, once a quarter, they can spend their points on cheap toys, candy, homework pass, etc. You can keep track of it with a sheet on their desk. I know it's really hard to get control of a class when you haven't been "strict enough" from the get go. I hope things improve for you! Good luck!
  • I would speak to the class as people. Respect them and remind them that respect goes both ways! Silence is a part of respect and a method to getting tasks done!
  • Tell them that their abuse of the rules has resulted in stricter regulation and you will not allow any excuses. For example, I have the following rules for my Macroeconomics class: If you are late, you are not allowed in and are counted as absent. If you have not completed your homework you are dismissed from class and counted as absent. If you cannot answer a question, then you have not studied and will be dismissed from class (and counted as absent). There is no eating or talking. Cellular phones, laptops, MP3 players that are seen in use will be confiscated. Anyone who violates the rules will be dismissed from class. There are a few more but I can't remember them. You'd be surprised with the results. It's the quietest, most obedient class I've ever been in and I couldn't be happier.
  • maybe you should start being more strict
  • Respect has to be earned and there are few opportunities to get it back. Best not to "wrestle" with the indiscipline as you're too late for that. Instead you have to go for the "creativity" in making them do something that focuses their attention more.

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