• She does not have any medical conditions, but her behavior is so out there, I feel she is taking too many prescription pain pills
  • I love her!She is great,there is not a damn thing wrong with her,she is pretty,she is rich,she is nice,and she can dance and she can sing.Come on now,what is wrong with that?lol
  • Paula Abdul suffers from RSD. It is a very painful disease and is often maintained with pain pills. My mother has RSD and I can tell you that it effects its sufferers greatly. I believe she also suffers from Fibromyalgia. I read it somewhere but cannot remember where. Her suffering from RSD has been an ongoing battle and while set off by trauma/injury ..there is no cure. (RSD - reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • I think she may be the victim of opportunistic editing. Look at what she does. Judging all those wannabes, traveling with Simon and Randy.Then theres the time it takes to look good for the camera- hiar extensions, hair and makeup, wardrobe, the all too nice fan base that crowds around... Exausting.
  • she has chronic pain from some medical condition. fibromyalgia or something.
  • I see nothing wrong. And as for this medical condition I hear of, if she says she's fine, then she is so. And she is beautiful.
  • She always had a bit of a problem with bladder control - even as a cheerleader. Although sexy that is a sign of a medical condition - but also a sign of a drunk.
  • i dont think anything is wrong with her , just cuz she gave an interview drunk dont mean shes messed up , she was drunk ..ooooo like know one else has ever been drunk
  • She has a sickness, she has bulemia, she suffered from a back pain then suffered more because she got hit by a car, plane crash, (there are a lot more...)and RSD.. She's the hottest judge in the world... <i think she also suffered from a sickness for being so inlove with Simon and she kept it a secret.(i hope so)> Well Simon also loves her...
  • I think Paula makes a million dollars every month or two and she can act any way she wants. I believe she is a really good person and she wears her feelings on her sleeve, as the saying goes!
  • Can't it be both?
  • I heard shes addicted to some pain killers.

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