• My dogs are going on 5 years old. (WHAT.... already?!?!?!?) They still act very much like puppies though, trust me! Not sure how old the fish are :)
  • Or cats are in their adolescence.
  • 6 year old dog- Ginger(mutt) 2 year old cat- Gilligan (everyone's little buddy) 2 Siberian Huskies 8 months old- Sasha & Kane (brother and sister) No more pets PLEASE!! :-0
  • Malamute 6 1/2 years Rottie X 6 1/2 years..poor health Maltipoo 2 1/2 years Cat 2 years Always thinking about getting another. I love lots.
  • Two dogs - Pricsilla a lab / golden mix is 13. Molly Brown is a aussie is also 13. Three cats - Penolpe, a tabby is about 1 and a terror. Mitalda is a long haired black and white - amybe 3. Zero is surprise all black; super cool cat is maybe 5. Wife is always looking, but I think we agree we have a full house. +4 cause I'm guessing you like pets.
  • Leo is about 4/5 years old, I'm not sure. If cared for, Leopard Geckoes can live between 15-20 years. I'm planning on starting my own marine aquarium.
  • Ageing dog, and wanting a kitten.
  • Still raising my prince of a cat. He is a young adult of about 2 1/2 years old. (He is a rescue so we are not positive)
  • We celebrated my dod kassie's 8th birthday on the 10th of this month. And my 2 kittens - Millie and Phoebe will be one in June.
  • I have one young dog, one old dog, and I am just getting over the death of one dog and a guinea pig.
  • One cat is 8 or 10, don't know birth date because she was abandoned outside of a shelter. Second cat just turned four. My last cat was with me for 16 years. Sad that the years with our furry family members seem too few.
  • my lovely little sister ( we nearly grew up together ) is a terrier and 17 years old now and im hoping she will bury me, she is as beautiful as ever and she still loves to play with socks, slippers and my girlfriends panties :D...( i miss her so much she lives with my parents)...
  • 1 pasted named Sadie 1 at 4 yrs named Tiny a male Chihuahua 1 at 1 1/2 yrs named Fred a male Chihuahua all either pound puppy's or rescue dogs and a 50 gal tank with gold fish in it and there's always room for another lost little one
  • I have 1 pet, and she is 3 years old. I'm looking into getting another pet soon.
  • No pets now since the cat died last year. We will be in the market for a few puppies in the future.
  • Three cats, ages 7, 4 and just over 1.
  • Too many pets, we moved from Southern California to a small resort town in Western Kenutcky and my wife started a rescue ranch for abused and starved animals. We have 4 horses three cats, 6 dogs, goats, sheep, turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens and the list keeps on growing.
  • Our cat, Tigger, is approximately 3 years old according to our Vet. Since he was a stray who adopted us, we had no way of knowing his age. Anyway, he is aging of course but we think he'll be around for many years and so we're not looking for another one. In fact, if/when he leaves us, we probably won't be replacing him. After all, we're in our 70's we might not be able to take as good care of a new pet then as we are now! :)

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