• Many personality disorders include a serious lack of empathy. There are many fucked up people in the world. More than you could even imagine. I think I might have dated some...
  • If the victim turns up on AB with such an awful avatar!!! lol
  • this also depends on what you're killing for. If someone harmed a family member, i could kill them without batting an eye. As a serial killer would go, it is usually an imbalance in the brain or some behavior that was not learned as a child. If you've ever seen the movie Hostel you can see that the homeless children would make horrible adults, they never learned boundries or right or wrong
  • Hmmmmm...If the person you are killing has hurt one of your family members; such as rape, murder. HOWEVER...murder is still wrong even in that case. OR perhaps they have a mental disorder.
  • I don't know who would want2 kill anybody, however this world isn't perfect and ppl kill4 many reasons. I think what would enable ne1 to kill without remorse is probably pure hatred. Maybe long term abuse, or just passion.
  • I honestly do not believe it starts out as not having remorse but rather after so many it becomes that way. This is why it is so hard to catch a serial killer because with each kill their heart grows darker. Killing someone is the ultimate taboo which affects all of our emotions which causes the feeling of being extremely high. After that you get a complete feeling of remorse and many have to confess as the guilt tears them apart. This is why so many get caught is because they talk about it and the word spreads. When they get over the remorsefulness and did not confess they want to do it again and which each time the feeling of remorse is less and the charge of the taboo is more.
  • A dead conscience, maybe.
  • Sociopathy. They start by pulling the legs off bugs and murdering small animals. It is visible very early and they should be locked up b/c they ARE going to kill someday.
  • their self belief that what they are doing is right. In short they brain wash themselves into believing it to be the truth.
  • A really good alibi
  • insanity
  • I think they are sociopaths. There are people who have zero empathy or sympathy or any connection to others. They haven't a chance in he** of putting themselves in someone else's shoes because whatever it is that produces empathy is missing in them. Whether they were born like that or experienced something horrific that caused it I don't know. I know that killers are not like you and me..they can't possibly be or they could never do what they do. :(
  • Mental illness. This is a dangerous person.
  • If he does it for a reason. How do you think soldiers cope with war?
  • Training.
  • Enlistment.

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