• A person's religion merely represents a strong personal bias regarding a particular faith. Most people are biased in some way or other. Whether I trust a person or not has nothing to do with their bias unless (I feel) that bias influences that person to be dishonest or mean spirited.
  • Absolutely. I find that hypocrisy is one of the main staples of religion and, consequently, don't trust anyone who professes to have an association with any given cult
  • No. I find myself not trusting people who follow ORGANIZED religion.
  • Whether I trust a person or not has nothing to do with their religious preferences or lack of.
  • If we're talking about Americans, I suspect that a large number of people who profess this or that brand of organized faith don't really believe what they profess, but find it politically and financially expedient to ally themselves with the mainstream. So it raises some questions. That said, someone professing atheism or agnosticism will likely be governed by their own beliefs about what is and isn't acceptable behavior. So neither are to be trusted just because of what they profess.
  • I would rather trust someone who practices religion rather than someone who doesn't
  • Not at all....there's some who are not "religious" who are wonderful people, and there's some who are "religious" who are awful people.... people are people, regardless of what they believe.
  • A person's religion has absolutely no effect on whether I trust them or not.
  • As much as I don't like Organized religion, I think it gives people good morals, because they are afraid to breathe unless the bible permits it. So I actually do trust them. It doesn't mean I trust anyone else less though.
  • So-called "religious" people who are untrustworthy, are not, in my opinon, true religious people. They are merely people who claim to be religious. That being said, I am inclined to trust a TRULY religious person sooner than otherwise. If I get burnt, I get burnt...but I don't automatically apply my mistaken judgement to others of faith.
  • If they are evangelical I have a hard time just being around them. Rational is not their forte.
  • Whaaaat? Religious people are trustworthy. They have so much faith in something which there is no proof of. Why would you not have faith in them? Being religious doesn't make you untrustworthy. And being non-religious doesn't making you trusting either. Depends on the individual, religion or no religion. So no, I don't find myself not trusting people who practice a religion.
  • Yes, I do. I've been burned by those who, professing a false belief in that which does not exist, go thru life carrying a Bible in their left hand and a dagger on their right

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