• i dont beleive ghosts exist.
  • yeah i think they can. it might be completely naive of me to believe in all this but i think they use humans energy (since they have none of their own cos they're just a spirit) to do things.
  • i saw an episode of the tyra show where she had kids that could see and talk to ghosts and one girl was hurt by one and she had scars and bruises on her body. so i think they can hurt someone, but i don't know about killing someone! i hope not!
  • No,I don't think so. Sounds like nogod4me has an attitude problem!
  • a very stern no.
  • Even if it were true that ghosts don't exist, it is possible for someone who thinks they have seen a ghost to die of fright. (Heart Attack).
  • There has been no real evidence that suggests ghosts exists. Ghost Hunters is a show that boasts that they have found evidence, which may suggest that ghosts do exist, but bear in mind that the show is featured on the SCIENCE FICTION channel. AM I SAYING GHOSTS DON'T EXIST? AM I SAYING THERE'S NO AFTERLIFE? No. I'm saying there's no credible evidence supporting the existence of ghosts / spirits / demons / sprites / etc. I've had unexplained stuff happen in my home. My doors have opened on their own. My lamp once dimmed when someone mentioned I should get a dimmer switch for it. I feel my cat or a person walking around my home when there's no one there. I don't feel any of that has to do with the supernatural. I feel it's explainable, I just can't explain any of it off hand.
  • Well, i don't believe in their existence, but i don't know everything. Let's pretend they exist. If they're visible, they reflect or produce light, which means they're made of something, persumably atoms. If they can touch or move things, they're definitely made of atoms. So there would be no reason they couldn't hurt or kill people. If they're invible i have no idea.
    • mushroom
      There's a concept of invisibility by bending light around an object, so it would appear as though you could see what's behind it.
  • If that were the case, you wouldn't be here...
  • There has never been any proven documented circumstances that anything supernatural has ever harmed a living being. I am not saying that the circumstances of people harming themselves for the fear of the supernatural has not happened because it has. Just because there is no proven documented circumstances does not mean it has not happened but it can ease your mind as knowing that if it has happened it isn't very wide spread or there would be many cases known. That fact alone shows more proof for the skeptical minded people and less for those who believe in the spirit world.
  • No more than the Evil Eye (Malocchio) can curse you. I suppose you could scare yourself to death, but that would be your doing.
    • mushroom
      I always wondered why anyone could have that power and not have an equally powerful "good eye."
  • not that i know of
  • There is no sound reason to think that ghosts exist.
  • Certainly NOT, because there's no solid evidence that ghosts exist.
  • not that i know of
  • A ghost just like a spirit can not harm or kill someone. Demon spirits attempt to occupy a body so they have the physical ability to harm or kill someone.
  • No, just tell it to go away. They have to leave if you don't want it there. Poof they are gone.
  • There ain't no damn ghosts, so they can't hurt or kill a flea. Nobody has ever been able to prove ghosts exist.
  • anything is possible
    • ReiSan
      Many thing are quite impossible.
  • Yes, and they don’t t only come out at night, sometimes, if not most, it is people being possessed by demons, devils
  • No it is not.
  • My cousin died shortly after an ouija board said she would.. I don’t know who controlled that though..
    • mushroom
      There is a certain power of suggestion. If I were to yell FIRE! you would respond physically, assuming you had reason to believe there was actual danger.
  • Yup they can
  • Yes. Depending on the nature of the entity and the weakness of the individual
  • They don't exist. Dead people stay dead. Cannot come back to life.
    • Cry me a River
      Dead is separated from God, that is all that means.
    • Cry me a River
      Actually though I think they can come back as flies, gnats, mosquitoes and such,,, to fulfill their purpose that is!
  • Yes, and donuts can eat cars.
  • About 2 years ago I was lying in my bed, lights already out, just a faint glow of a street light beaming through a pinhole in the Reynold's Wrap I have covering the window, when I looked up & right of the door there was this shadow demon-ish apparition afloat. It achieved what I believe to be it's full intent, to instill paralyzing fear into me. When I say "paralyzing fear" I mean it jumped on top of me, pinned my arms to the bed for about 3 seconds, and I mean no movement whatsoever allowed from me no matter how hard I strained to break free. It then vanished into the night and all was same as before, except for the fact my heart was beating so hard and fast that I couldn't catch my breath for a good while. *true story 11.24.2018
    • mushroom
      I've had dreams where I believed I was at home in bed and paralyzed while some physical attack was imminent. Then I woke up. It's actually fairly common. It's like those dreams where no one hears you yelling.
  • not that i know of but anything is possible
  • Well , you see on them programs, where them mean ghost haunt people and you see people end up with cuts on their skin, so I don't trust ghost and believe they can hurt one ..My late Great Grandmas soul was haunting her old house cause she didn't like my Uncle ( her son) to remodel the house..She would scatter lumber all over the kitchen and he knew it was late Grandma Josephine doing it
  • Do you think if somebody killing people and .... has ANGEL OF God? NO, that person lead by demonic spirit to kill somebody. This world massed up by evil
  • I ain't 'fraid o' no ghost!
    • mushroom
      Are you a god?
  • Yes, one well aimed flying ashtray can hurt or kill. Most ghosts don't have what it takes. The earthbounds that have been around long enough to become shades (aka Shadow People) are the dangerous ones.
  • They really can't do much, but maybe knock a light thing or 2 over. In the dark, that can be dangerous. They can make funny noises too, but that is often from something natural going on.
  • Yes. A flying ashtray upside your head can kill you whether it's thrown by a hand, a catapult or by telekinesis....different methods, same end result.
  • can NEVER hurt you in any way ..cause they are not true!!!!!!!even if they were true they cant touch ya ..

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