• Depends on the actors and the movies they have to their credit... and most importantly the draw they can bring at the box office. A List celebs earn 15-25 million per film. This is only a handful of people in Hollywood, though. Other actors, who are still well-known earn less, but still rake in decent cash with 1-10 million dollars per role. Extras can make whatever the standard for the time is... from as little as $50 for a few hours up to a couple hundred a day. It all depends on the budget of the movie and your experience. Unless you are a big name, they are going to pay you as little as possible. If you are a George Clooney or a Julia Roberts... they will pay you exorbitant amounts of money because your name is going to sell the film.
  • WAY TO MUCH! It depends on the actress, I believe to much In any case, Male or Female
  • Actors work under contract and thier wage is negotiated usually by thier agent.The more well known the better they are paid.Actors do not have to do very many movies for they receive royalites everytime the movie is veiwed in movie complexes,TV,DVD,or video for the rest of thier lives.
  • Depends on which of the fiends you're talking about.

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