• fuck all tbh i just dont litter which is a waste cause if i put it in a bin its only taken to a landfill so y
  • I am careful about washing my clothes, drying them outside on a line, always turn off lights, bought the new energy saving bulbs, drink tap water, careful with a/c and heat, use south east facing sun room to partially heat house. Many other little things which add up.
  • Yes.. I do all the things you mentioned. I also compost all vegetable matter and garden waste to create my own compost, grow my own vegetables, where possible and do not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides. I would love to get solar panels fitted, but that would be very expensive and I am not sure whether the advantages would outweigh the cost of installation. Naturally, I separate and recycle as much garbage as possible - and I must admit, I am proud to only produce one small bag of non-recyclable waste every two weeks - that is mostly made up of plastics, which I know can be recycled, but there is not a facility for it in my local area. It does irk me somewhat to see what other people throw away though - the huge sacks of waste every week, when I know that most of it can be recycled! I also avoid buying products with excess packaging.. hmmm.. what else? I am bound to think of something any minute! *LOL*
  • Compost leaves AND food. Lights off when not in use. Walk instead of driving. Bicycle instead of driving longer distances. Garden without chemicals. (my compost is just fine) Wear sweaters and wool instead of overheating house. Read your Bible!
  • My honest answer would be no. I don't turn off unnecessary water as I love taking long hot showers. - Take my own bags to the supermarket? Who on earth does that? - I drive a Sportbike, which is I guess considered economical, but I drive like ridiculously fast all the time so there goes the mpg's. I also like to use lots of toilet paper when wiping my bum, b/c i'm afraid of getting some of it on my hand. I work at a tennis facility for a living which involves taking clay from the earth and putting it beneath my feet so I can enjoy my day.
  • My husband and I are very careful. We are both practicing driving in an economical way. No speeding, no hard braking, easy on the acceleration. We also bring our own bags to the supermarket. Changed over to the new bulbs whenever we replace an old one. Sort all our rubbish. Re-use as much as we can. --and we've begun to recycle clothing by giving to and buying from the Salvation Army type thrift stores.
  • I recycle, have more showers than baths, try not to waste water, walk rather than drive short distances & my car does about 50mpg.
  • I do nothing to support the various environmental scams. I turn off unnecessary water for the benefit of others (and to keep the bills low). I don't take my own bags to the supermarket, and I drive an economical car for the gas savings, not the environment. There is no environmental crisis - the earth has been taking care of itself for millions of years. It has gone into and out of ice ages and "greenhouse effects" and other adjustments on its own without help from man and his make-believe causes.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "There is no environmental crisis" -- wow, people love to spread lies, don't they... LOL!!
    • 1465
      Remember the "hole in the ozone" crisis of the 1980s, or are you too young? Funny that you never hear of this one anymore. Did they fix the problem? NOPE. There are just as many fluorocarbons flooding the atmosphere as ever before. They just found new "causes" to scam people out of their money and regulate their behavior.
  • I try to be. I don't want to make the 'Indian' in the commercial cry. jk. My water is included in the rent, but I still don't waste it for no reason. I take my own bags because I shop at Aldi and you have to buy the bags if you don't take them or use a box (if you can find one). I don't drive right now. I don't litter because its ugly and trashy and I don't have a right to do that to the earth. I also shop thrift stores and donate what I no longer need. I reuse almost everything including the plastic store bags and butter bowls!
  • yes i dont waste water, we gotta pay for it.... car has the good petrol in our car ..... and now we have to pay for super market bags ,so i bring my own and i take all plastic back to woolworths super market who send it away to be recycled it..i hang my washing on an outside line .. havent got any solar panels though..

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