• I am a woman, and if I am interested, I will approach a man! (well not now cuz I'm taken haha)
  • Maybe you need a change in locations I have had several who approach me and I live in the U.S.
  • I don't think that's true. I've asked in the past and I know other girls who have.
  • Women will approach men. I've had it happen. But I get what you're saying. Here's the thing. Women usually spend a lot more time making themselves look attractive. Womean are usually much more attentative to detail then men are. The least we guys can do is muster up the confidence and acknowledge that. At least that's my opinion. Meh, it doesn't matter either way really. Approaching women isn't really that difficult. You really have nothing to lose.
  • I think people are raised on the idea that men should always be the assertive ones, that that's the masculine thing to do. So men and women usually expect men to take the first step. I think this is changing though. Same thing with paying for meals at a restaurant. People always expect the man to pay, not the woman. Again, this is slowly changing.
  • I agree that in our society that it is typically expected that the man has to approach a woman and initiate a conversation. I think that this is due to how we are raised in America. I have had women approach me before in the United States, but this is rare. I also think that women are afraid of being rejected, is another reason why they don't approach men. If men can face their fears of being rejected by a woman, and approach them to talk to them, I think that women should too. We live in modern times, not the dark ages, it is time that women start acting like civilized human beings, and not pre-evolution cave women.
  • Oh, my, up here women are all over men, especially, if they are married men.
  • I have heard a lot of women say that they like certain man, and that they wish that they would talk to them. The woman never takes the initiative to talk to them first, and ends up missing out all together. This is ludicrist, we live in the year 2009, where women have the same rights as men do, and should approach men if they like them. I don't understand why most women are this way. If men can overcome their fear of being rejected and find the courage to talk to a woman, then women should do the same. This seems to be this way more so in American society. I travel to other countries for my job, and have lots of women approach me when I am outside the United States.
  • Hey American women, it is not against the law to approach a man if you like him. Women from other parts of the world realize that they can take an active role in meeting people, you should too. Stop waiting for a man to approach you, this is 2009 for Christ sake, stop living in the dark ages.
  • First of all it's not very hard at all. I don't know exactly what you're looking to have happen but if you want some companionship you need to be a bit more outgoing and apply yourself more. it doesn't matter who makes the first move but to wait for someone else to do it is the wrong choice.
  • Many women "hint" that they are interested. Look for the signs.
  • cause it was always excepted that it was a mans job to do the chasing and asking etc before the world changed to bonkers
  • I didn't know it was like that. I thought the United States would have been a civilised, equalitarian country.
  • some flirt

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