• Some is. There is a lot that is funded by private interests as well.
  • No, not really. Over the past 8 years, funds have gone to outfits that oppose & undermine scientific research rather than conduct it. I believe that most of the money for scientific research is coming from the private sector (corporate sponsorships, fund raisers, donations, etc.)
  • No. Companies fund some, charitable foundations fund some, and universities do research from their own resources. Obviously, company research tends to be more focussed on research with short term commercial benefits, but big companies like IBM do quite a lot of basic research as well.
  • if so then that is who I need to talk to. I have several inventions that need money to make happen
  • I can only answer to medical research. Very little medical research is funded by the government. As sponsors, they pay very little. Most medical research is funded by pharmaceutical or instrument manufacturers. Each study is continuously monitored by private independent firms called Contract Research Organizations, the FDA, Ethics Committees, the sponsor itself, the management of the lab that is contracted to carry out the research, the principal investigators, clinical research associates, and the clinical research coordinator that is actually doing the work - all of them simultaneously. The studies are interesting, the paperwork and oversight is a bitch. If the FDA ever has to step into a clinical trial, something really bad has happened. They come in like the FBI and lock everything down, sequester the hands-on coordinators and technicians, go through the research step by step, page by page, and interrogate everyone that has had a part in it, including all of the pertinent personnel in the above listed entities. It can take months. They can make arrests, close down labs, and remove licenses from individuals as PRECAUTIONARY measures during an investigation. Thank God that rarely happens, and has never happened to me personally. What a nightmare.

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