• Go outside.
  • Go to the nature first - a forest will do - and meditate
  • I'm prone to believe that you should lie on the ground...
  • Go camping. It is one of the best feelings in the world to me. Don't bring any electronics or technology. Not even a watch... If you are hungry, eat. If you are tired, sleep. Hike through the woods. Go fishing and catch your own dinner.
  • take off all you clothes and lay in the dirt.
  • Stop the internal dialouge - pay attention to that which you perceive as not-you.Judicious use of ganga can also be helpful
  • Become vegan and recycle as much of your own stuff as possible.
  • Get out of town....
  • Go out in your yard, dig a hole... stand in it. :-)
  • Meditation Is the honest key, Meditation is not always clearing your entire mind and taking in what you need. Meditation is taking everything in your thoughts and making them silence long enough to sort them. The goal to Meditation is to ultimately clear all thoughts and make sence of the thoughts you are having trouble with. Try All these great things but before you are done try this: Step Outside by yourself and listen to all the sounds of the earth. feel the air and the breeze. touch the dew on the grass and feel the morning sun. Listen to your breathing and feel your pulse in your finger tips. Touch a tree, touch a plant and touch yourself. You will then realize you and that tree are no different from one another You are at life's mercy and so is it You both breathe Eat and drink You both grow and thrive And one day you both will be the dirt.
  • In our Union we have the oldest & newest forms of meditation techniques combined into what we call a super science of the mind. It is a process that takes time to complete but it is the life altering experience we've all been waiting for. The scientist & Elders who've come together to develope these techniques are recommended & qualified. This is vital to preparing oneself for the great change to come. Pole Shift & the drop of the 4th Dimension. There's only one truth & it shall set you free, when & if understood. Osara (
  • Lie down.
  • Try getting a temporary membership for a nudist colony. If you like it stay, if not, try something else.
  • i would say, first realise that you are nature and that anything man made already existed in some other "natural" form before we reshaped it, therefore "synthetic" stuff is only natural. second, just be silent and take in all the sights and sounds. everything you see and hear is nature.
  • Just wait;it will happen.
  • Get off your car!
  • Commit suicide in a forest and let the creatures living there digest You and spread You around.
  • by Grounding, Grounding power or Earthing power means to connect personal energy with the Earth. In times of stress or anxiety, grounding is a way to release excess energy from yourself. At times when you need energy, grounding enables you to draw it up from the Earth, offering a wellspring of power that can flow through you without exhausting your own resources. To ground yourself and release energy, sit in a comfortable position and flatten the palms of your hands on the ground or floor, or lie down, placing your body flat on the ground. Take three deep breaths. Visualize (picture in your mind) the energy flowing through your hands or your body and into the Earth. If you need energy, visualize the energy flowing up from the Earth and into your body. Maintain the visualization until you begin to feel the desired result. An alternative method is to sit or stand upright and imagine the excess energy flowing down your spine and deep into the Earth. Some people picture themselves as a tree with roots sinking into the Earth. If you need energy, imagine the energy flowing up from the Earth and traveling up your spine.
  • dig a hole and jump in
  • For a start , i dont think i am a pagan but i really love the idea of paganism. Being close to nature means u should respect it first , then the rest will come.
  • study astronomy, start an organic garden and minimize pollution
  • Die. They'll make sure your surrounded by earth three days hence. +5

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