• Heck no, When I order something, I want to get what I ordered. What do you mean by "little things"? If is not the thing I ordered, I tell them to give me what I ordered! If you mean something like forgetting the napkins or something small like that, then no, I do not think it is snobby. Have a Great Day!!
  • No - when you're paying for a meal, you should be able to get what you order.
  • well it all depends in the way they make a's not snobby if you politely point out something that's wrong,after all your paying for it.But I usually won't say anything unless its really bad.Haha I have relatives who go overboard if anything is slightly wrong,they make a big scene and as a teen I found it really embarrassing and still do from time to time...but you know what they say "you can't choose your relatives"
  • It really depends on what you consider "little". I would rather not go out to eat and just do my eating at home. Times are tough and I have to save money where I can. My pets never go out to eat and they have perfectly enjoyable lives.
  • I think it can be, if they are rude about it, but otherwise no. I personally am really tired and disgusted with paying for food and getting an order that is wrong. Especially if it was from a drive-through and I don't find out until I get to work or something. It seems like they just can't be bothered. When it happens four, five, or six times in a row, it makes it difficult to be patient. The work ethic is just. . . lacking at a lot of places it seems. There is nothing snobby about paying for a service and expecting to get what you paid for.
  • Well it depends on the person and how they speak to others to voice their complaints... SOme are legitimate gripes as you are paying... dearly these days too... and if something is not what you paid for, you have every right to complain. But on the other hand some people love complaining about everything BECAUSE they are paying! But then again in their defense. We are all a culmination of our past you know? We all react because of how we were first treated by someone else. If your history with service people is one of hostility and disconcern for the customer... Which is rather prevelent these days actually... Then the customer will eventually become gun shy and freak out first... Even if the current on hasn't done anything wrong yet. So I think that there should be a fresh prespective and a mutual respect every time new people are seated. The other night we went out... it wasn't anything fancy but as we were being seated, right in front of us, our waitress asked the seater if we were going to be in her section and when she was told yes... Right in front of us, she said "Aw Shit." We asked to move to the station across the asile... more because it was a booth, rather than because of what she said... and all night long after that, we got shitty looks from her every time she passed us. Now I ask you... WTF!
  • If they cook my steak well done and I ordered it Medium rare, it will go back, it they forgot sour cream for my baked potato I will ask for it, I dont usually complain unless the service sucks, when they stand around talking with their friends when you asked them for the sour cream.
  • If I'm paying for something then I expect it to be right! If I held back paying for the little wrong things would that be good for business?
  • It kills me when people complain. I thinks it's a really British thing to do whatever you can not to make a fuss. I'm a vegetarian, and even if there's meat in something, I would seriously rather eat around it then make a scene. Maybe I'm just pathetic, but there you go :)
  • I wouldn't call it snobby ,I'd prefer to call it nitpicking..the people who bitch about every little thing no matter how insignificant is really is...
  • I guess it depends on what you consider a little wrong thing. I complain if my dishes, glasses or silverware is dirty or my order isn't correct of is cold. What other things are there?
  • It depends. If I ordered my prime rib medium rare, and it moos when I cut it, I'm gonna have to ask them to toss it on the grill for a minute or two. I try not to sound demanding or bitchy about it... it's just really hard to eat raw meat. Now, my mother in law used to send back salads because they put too much dressing on it. She's done this MULTIPLE times, and REFUSES to order salads with dressing on the side. We stopped taking her out to eat.
  • Yes I do. I've had to apoligize for the way my wife has treated the waiters or waitress too many times to count.
  • How about the Anthony's Pier 4 skit on SNL. "Um, waiter, could I get another menu? This one's on fire." (WARNING: Pop up ad alert. They die with one stab though). To me it depends on whether the complaint is real, imagined or so tiny and outside the control of the restaurant that it doesn't deserve comment. Then too, one really oughtn't expect a perfectly done boeuf bourguignon at the Big Mac supper club. Restaurant and price appropriate complaints only, please.
  • No if it is something that is going to spoil the meal for them and it is simple to put right everyone has a right to complain. As long as a person is polite they have a perfect right to complain. I do not understand what is snobby about that.
  • It's annoying, but I'm easy to please. It must suck to be picky

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