• This is for the person who asked this, won't you prefer what's within? I don't normally answer a question with another.
  • A little of both is nice. A lotta both is nice. It's all gooooood!
  • dont care for big boobs or big butt..I like petite, thin, athletic women with a brain and a sense of humor.
  • If were ONLY talking about those three things and nothing else. Boobs. I'm a boobs man.
  • A nice butt drives me crazy!!
  • I am of the opinion that all straight men are either ass men OR breast men. Each of us likes one part more than the other, and within those categories you will find a wide spectrum of preference in terms of what "flavor" they like - flat, round, big, REALLY BIG, firm, jiggly, smooth, featured, etc etc. Of course breast men would likely prefer that their perfect-bosomed beauty ALSO has a nice posterior, and an ass man would likely PREFER that his bootylicious bunny also has a good chest, but you will find that all men have a preference... BTW, if a man says he likes legs, that's an ass man.
  • I love a nice set of legs and the attached behind. Boobs are nice too, though..
  • I prefer big brains.
  • It's not the size of the boobs or butt that counts, it's how they're proportioned to the rest of a woman's body. I prefer nice, shapely women----the boobs do not have to be big, just nicely formed. Remember, it's not the measurements that count, it's how they're arranged! Actually, I'm more of a "leg/face man"----nice legs and a pretty face. But the most sexy thing about any woman is her sincerity, kindness, and level-headedness.
  • Tall, slender, perky boobs, tight ass, long black hair, pouty lips. Oh my. This is what I likes the bestest.
  • I don't think men look good in big boobs. Nice but and a little attitude, sure, but big boobs. Nah.
  • why not for the lesbians too?
  • i'd rather have a nice ass but i guess both would be good
  • I prefer big boobs, the bigger the better!, although, a nice big butt is always a plus!!!!
  • I don't understand the new fascination with girls with the big asses. Keep eating the Hostess cupcakes if that's your thing, but I don't like the bubble butts.

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