• Just the stupid ones. Brains, and knowing how to use them, is terribly attractive and exciting.
  • well for some men it's a turn on...others they feel that there ego will get deflated and they cant handle a girl with brains...i think those type of men are the ones that have the shovonistic attuitude
  • I happen to prefer a girl who is smart.
  • Absolutly not. I can only speak for myself, not men in general, but I find intelligence and willfulness a big turn on in women. I don't want the stereotypical "dumb blonde", I doubt I could stand dealing with that. I'd much much rather have a women who could hold an intelligent conversation with me, debate me, stand up to me, challenge me. I want any woman I'm with to act like a rational thinking human being, not some kitchen slave who's opinion doesn't matter.
  • I'm not sure if it's the intelligence factor. It may be that men are put off by women who are more successful then they are. I would have a problem with it if I had a GF who would put me down or use it against me and not have a healthy respect for what I do. Today my wife makes significantly more money than I do but It all goes in one pot anyway. I'm not threatened by it.
  • it probably depends on the guy since everyone is different

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