• Because we don't like people and feel our lives would be better without them to the point where we would risk going to jail to make sure of that.
    • Anonymous
      Gosh, what a good explanation, especially 'ours lives would be better off without them'. thanx NateAbel
  • because we can
  • Some people cross social barriers and go as far as murder because we feel emotion. Rage, jealousy, fear, hatred, and other feeling gone out of control are common reasons cited for murderous acts. Another reason is mental illness or defect. My personal favorite "excuse" is vengeance. What's yours?
  • Yes there's the emotional side of it. But some murder to cover up something that they did. For example, if mr robber man robs a bank and there's an eye whitnessm he might kill that guy to lessen his chances of being caught, savvy?
  • God created Adam and Eve in the beginning and he put them into the Garden of Eden. He created them in his image, perfect, without sin. The Lord then put the man and woman in charge of all things on the earth. The Creator gave Adam and Eve one rule. 16And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die” (Gen. 2:16, 17, NIV). The old serpent enticed Eve to eat fruit from the tree; she then gave some fruit to Adam. Adam also disobeyed God and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because of their disobedience, the Lord opened their eyes to sin. They destroyed the perfect union they had with their Creator, and suddenly they knew separation for the first time.
    • mushroom
      So, you say the first humans knew no evil until they gained knowledge. But chimps kill, even their own kind. Did they also eat the forbidden fruit, or are they more "fallen" than we are?
  • because we have the potential to be evil.
  • Most animals murder - murder is when you kill someone deliberately, usually with forethought but sometimes in a 'fit of passion', always with a reason, however illogical or reasonless it may seem to others. Other animals kill their own kind too. Horses, lions, dogs, cats, (these a but a few that spring to mind!). Amongst their own kind I suppose that would be murder too. You could argue that animals only kill their own kind for a reason and yes they do they have horse reasons or lion reasosn, or cat reasons. Humans kill for human reasons. So humans murder or kill for as many different reasons as there are people who have murdered.
  • Short Answer: Cause they are F**ked up Long answer: This includes the question of why are they F**ked up? There could be many different reason to lead to this. It could be there enviorment growing up, whether they were abused or not. There daily stress as well there skills in dealing with it. They could be on drugs, or multiple medications that collide with each other. The could have a brain tumor or some mental abnormality. To those of us better off, its hard to completely understand the depths of what these people think. Or even wonder what there purpose is to kill another. It is certain that there is some sort of inbalance with them. Purheaps some inner conflict in which they were never loved, and thus there compassion for other life is nil and void.
  • Maybe thats why they are called the seven deadly sins. (no offense intended)
  • Fear, control, thrills, anger, revenge, .... I'm sure everyone on death row for murder has some seemingly valid reason.
  • If you had met my ex wife - then you wouldnt need to ask that question! Seriously, there are many reasons but before I list them - I would like to think that most people would never murder 1) Greed - The attraction of profiting from someone elses death. Inheriting, robbing after the death.... 2) Fear - To prevent harm to oneself. The fear of being killed by the person you kill (arguably self-defence) or ones life being ruined by something that person might do. E.g. to prevent them going to the police to report a previous murder you did. 3) For King and Country / Religion. - Following orders - whether be it from Politicinas, kings, God (in the losest sense - most peoples Gods do not allow murder). This is often not considered murder - but is by some.... 4) For fun - Thats the worst one. Some people are patholigcal killers. They get a buzz out of killing. 5) Anger - Not pre-meditated. Often the person will regret having committed the murder immediately afterwards. Could argue - accidental. Probably lots more but that my quick brain dump
  • animal instinct in some cases the inability to tell right from wrong in some cases fear in some cases maddnes in some cases
  • Humans murder other humans because its part of their nature to do so. When a snake bites someone we are not suprized. Nor are we suprized when a lion attacks and kills a zebra. In a world that is unfair, intolerant, unequal, bigoted, racial, greedy, hungry, envious, angry, violent, jealous, prideful, inundated with sex and emotional pressures and subjected to psychological manipulation, should we be suprized that humans exposed to these things on a daily basis are capable of showing restraint?
  • Uncontrolled anger, greed, or they're just evil and enjoy taking someone's life.
  • So many excuses, so few reasons. Essentially, people make bad choices based upon temporary emotions, rage, anger, indignation, impulse, greed, and other forces that they relinquish control of their lives too. Everyone has these feelings. Most people learn to control them or channel them constructively. Murder is a choice, a very, very bad choice with severe consequences. There are never any good reasons.
  • That's a hard one! Well, people murder because not everyone is the same. Some people are sane and some are insane. But if you want the real answer to the question, simple. Ask a murderer.
  • It solves a problem right away, it is seen as a cure for the short term, the problem goes away.
  • John 8:44
  • cause the ones that do are evil
  • A lack of morals.
  • A new sick thrill?

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