• I, LITERALLY, had my bed made for me until the day I got married. I never had to do anything. So when I got home from my honeymoon, I decided I'd cook my first meal ever. I called my mom & asked her how to make chicken. She said first you wash it. So I got out the brillo pads & the Palmolive & started scrubbing the chicken. My husband at the time walked in & said What the hell are you doing?. I told him that I was cooking dinner. He laughed & said, How about I be the cook in this house?
  • i think even 50 years is not enough for this kind of error its really funny.:) you made me smile thank you :)
  • Yeah..... Im not gonna lie, I'd never let somebody live that down either. Its just to good.
  • Lol that is really funny but I wouldn't laugh for more than two or thee years about it.
  • That is funny. It reminds me of the time I asked my dad,"why make my bed everyday? I'm just going to mess it up again at night" His reply: "Do you wipe your a$$ after taking a crap?" "yea" "Why the hell for? your just going to mess it up again later?" His point was taken.
  • Well, I laughed. They are just teasing you. Play along. ;D
  • Don't feel bad--if GEORGE BUSH JR can become PRESIDENT, then there's always hope!!!! :D
  • Well, you know, it's worth all the chiding if you got your husband to be the cook in the house for all these years.
  • sorry.. that is not something you will ever live down... nore should you. it is funny LAUGH at it!!! you need to learn to laugh at yourself. I don't know if I could have stayed married to a person who could not laugh at themselves for that.
  • I find it amazing that you haven't done something else in 21 yrs that's at least as funny to replace the chicken story.
  • That's hillarious. You'll have wear that one forever! Sorry! lol
  • I'd say you better get ready for another 21 years. That's priceless!;)
  • I think it is cute and fairly non-offensive as these things go. The story is a funny story so people tell it for that reason. If you make some new better stories for them they will forget all about it :-)
  • Sorry Lisa!! Had to go get a tissue. I was laughing so hard!! I too would never live something like that down. When I was seven years old, my older brother and I were making wooden boats. Somehow, my right hand pointer finger and the handsaw came in contact with each other and I lost the tip of my finger. I'm 42 now and still, we both get teased.
  • Oh, I can really sympathize with you. From early childhood, at virtually every family dinner I would knock over my milk. It was like everyone had their eyes on me and couldn't relax until I got it over with. Well it wasn't until I was 18 and got my first pair of glasses that I could convince them it was not my fault. You see, I am astigmatic, and when I put on my first pair of glasses I discovered I could see the actual threads in fabric and that grass was actually individual blades. Yes, my vision had been that bad for my entire life. Yet still, to this day (I am nearly 50) I am still the but of that joke at family dinners, asking me if I need a sippy cup for my beverage. I just laugh along with the rest of them.
  • Does your husband still cook? If he does your little STAGED mistake had the desired effect. I wouldn't care how long they laughed if he still cooks or does part of it.
  • Till my death...!Whenever I remember such kind of incident....
  • Um. What answer. I looked but all I could see was your question. Did you forget to add an answer to your question so we could answer it correctly?
  • lmao... That's pretty funny
  • I guess it is not your fault that you lived such a sheltered life, but it is amusing, if it really bothers you then cook them delicios chicken and ask them to stop ;0)
  • I would laugh for as many years as I was alive! You would never hear the end of it, LOL!
  • Priceless.......
  • Probably until the end of time.If it'll make you feel any better,that's probably something I would've done!lol!
  • i dont laugh at people
  • i dont laugh at people

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