• In general, if I see a bear in the zoo or on TV no. I'm sure if I ran into one in the wilderness, then I would be.
  • I kinda do. I afraid of wild animals in general.
  • if they are wild and not caged, yes very scared,
  • Nope and especially not teddy bears (so cute!)
  • In zoos, no.
  • I was terrified when I was sleeping in a tent and a bumping on my side woke me up and I realized a bear was leaning on my side of the tent scratching itself.
  • Not if they are little baby cubs.
  • No unless one comes after me
  • Not afraid of them, I have a healthy respect for them..I stay out of their way and they don't kill me..LOL :)
  • In a gay bar a bear is a large and hairy guy, who doesn't fit the stereotype of gym-addicted, fancy dressing,florist or decorator. And no, not afraid
  • First reaction is mental checklist .. hmmm .. do I have any life experiences that allow me to answer this? -- Years ago, I was camping at Yosemite and our camp was messed up (things tossed around, opened, food taken) .. by two small bears. (No big mama or papa!) Even so, didn't go anywhere near them. Let them have their way then they left. -- Bears in zoos. Much bigger and stronger than I'd ever imagined. Whether in a zoo - or in the wild - a "healthy respect" for any animal. Whatever size or power or adaptive survival skills it has .. are there .. and I'd be foolish to think of a wild animal like we do "pets". -- If you said "snakes" it would be different. I'm not rational then. Not respect. I'm just scared of 'em. lol -- Last but not least, we humans have several examples of BEARS we've created to make them "friendlier" for us: ----- teddy bears ----- Smokey, the Bear ----- Yogi Bear (and BooBoo)
  • If I have automatic weaponry no. If it's just me and my hands, yes. I have a healthy respect/fear of anything that can eat me.
  • Any animal that makes no attempt to be quiet in the forest is a bad ass and you should feel fear in their presence. Even a black bear which is small for a bear is huge compared to us. Plus they run faster than us, can climb trees, and nearly knock your head off with a single blow. Plus they love to maul!!!
  • Not as long as I'm not around them.
  • Only if everyone that I am with can out run me.
  • Have had an encounter or two with the big beasts! YES I don't care to deal with them. +5
  • By default; yes! They are wild animals whose instinct is to kill other animals, among other things, and eat them. I for one do not intend to become "bear food" any time soon. :) Respect nature, and one might learn to respect oneself, the cosmos, and gaia soon enough. :)

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