• It depends on their manner...
  • In my family, by girls
  • i guess girls... what all the boys in my household do is eat, sleep and ____________ - lazy b******s!
  • It varies, alot of times fathers are helped more by the boys, & mothers by girls. But even that's not ALWAYS true.
  • boys are easier to control and you can know their fellings easier and abut they say that boys are lazy or whatever, they are not they are just not complicated at all and parents think that they have problems just bacause they are not complicated!
  • I notice that in my family it is the girls. There are 3 older sister and 2 younger brothers. all above the age of 25. Its mainly the girls who helped my parents move and clean up the house for holidays. Build desks or whatever for my mom and hang stuff for her. my brothers do somethings for her but not like how her daughter are. My father pasted away in may of 08 and I really cant remember my brothers helping him with work or outside landscaping and all. its the girls who help the most and stay in the family after finding a partner. The boys usually go to their girls side of the family.
  • I would, in the past said girls, but younger boys, average 10 years I would say can be more helpful!
  • I have a little girl and I think that I've become much more gentle and compassionate. I just don't think that would've happened if I'd had a boy. My father raised me to be aggressive, even violent, and I feel I may have done the same no matter the harm it caused.
  • What is the research RUSirius?
  • I think girls tend to help out more.

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