• Parts of it is an understatement. How about the whole thing? A time of overindulgence and unexpected expectations that are usually unreasonable and expensive. Mr Bill
  • I hate the rain. Avoid cold
  • Holiday season is overwhelming positive and just feels different. I love the excitement of the holidays. I really enjoy Christmas music, planning gift giving, getting a tree. Unfortunately, because of some personal stuff going on in my life, I am trying to avoid the inevitability that I will not be spending Christmas this year with those I have always spent it with in the past. I am trying to hold onto the gratitude and the wonder of the Christmas season instead of thinking about that.
  • I don't care for the commercialism of it.
  • Just the crowds in shopping malls, etc. and the commercialism that's generally associated with it.
  • I enjoy decorating and seeing my kids' happy faces when "santa" came, but other than that I'd rather just skip right over December to January to avoid all the other crap.
  • My version of the holiday season has been less is better for the past five years. We don't do all of the running around shopping and fighting crowds at the malls anymore. We draw names at Thanksgiving and buy a gift for the person who's name we picked. At Christmas, we enjoy the meal, each other's company and do the gift exchange. Of course, we can do this because there isn't any small children anymore. When my children were growing up and even well into their adult years, there were many presents under the tree. We all think that celebrating this way is terrific.
  • No people have made Christmas into giving gifts to those who are not in need and they get Christmas all year round, even my kids and that is my own fault. I wish that I could snap my finger and make it change or just do away with it all together. I feel no Christmas Joy, can't you tell?
  • My mom told me this story from when i was maybe 6 or 7, my mom was a single mother and money was always tight when we were growing up. One year it was especially bad, she had claimed bankruptcy we were close to losing everything, and I walked in on her crying on the phone to my grandparents because she couldn't afford to buy presents for my sister and I. According to her ( I don't remember this) I walked in, put a hand on her arm, and said " Mommy, we don't need presents, as long as we are together" I love hearing that story and wish I was still that innocent, but i always try to keep that idea close to my heart during the holidays.
  • frankly I'd like to avoid the whole thing. Instead of the Christmas season, it's become the buying season. Stores start up earlier and earlier. And if you haven't spent enuf on presents, you can buy huge blow up yard ornaments and fake Christmas trees for hundreds of dollars. crazy. IMO giving that money to charity would be a better way to spend it. Guess I'm a scrooge.
  • I love it, but I try to avoid the people that kill for gifts, like the wal-mart and k-mart incidents
  • I am not a fan of "Guilt" charities,,, bell ringers and such that make you feel bad if you don't contribute. I give money directly out of my paycheck to the United Way... a decent amount, through I'm not looking for praise... but it offends me when you can't go about your business without another person asking for more. Yesterday, for work, I had to drive through a city that had set up a "Charity Toll Road". At the main intersection people would run up to the stopped cars and hold out gift bags to collect cash... Fortunately I was driving a big truck that day.
  • It's nice on black Friday to see people try to ripe other peoples heads off for the discount prices. What a world the Reason for the season is greed not so much My Personal Savior Jesus Christ.
  • I hate going to Walmart and Target around the Holiday season. Too many rowdy people in one store.
  • 5% terrific. 95% we have to listen to these songs again?
  • Actually, I like to go someplace warm with my hubby. Holidays and all the glitz are great for kids and young people. I did my share, but now I can kiss it goodbye and pretty much have.
  • I hate the whole associating with the relatives part. They're scary, they're weird, and they make terrible stuffing. I'd rather stay home and stare at a wall than have a rousing conversation of Scrabble tactics with my uncle Fred.
  • I try to avoid the holiday season completely now. It is just the anniversary of losing the person I loved.
  • I love EVERYTHING about Christmas. I turn into the biggest kid ever and it drive my boyfriend, Darren, round the bend. We are getting our tree on Saturday. I can't wait. I am so excited - I could burst
  • I avoid stores on black friday, always have, and I don't really like shopping when I can't think of a thing that the person may like. Other than that, I enjoy getting together with family and friends and exchanging small gifts, seeing the excitement on the faces of the little ones in the family and sending cards and calling those who are too far away to spend time with. People do seem to dig deeper into themselves at Christmas, people who usually run past without a hello or smile will take time to notice other people and be a bit more social.
  • I hate hitting the traffic in miserable freezing weather and spending so much time on the road, just to go to stores and get lost among pushy noisy crowds. That's the only part I hate about the holiday season. :(
  • 100% terrific
  • the excessive shopping chaos the shops only shut christmas day now why stock a months supply of food and drink christmas isnt about shopping for stuff its a religious holiday,peace on earth and good will to all when will that happen?
  • Yeah, how much guilt am I supposed to put on myself a. trying to figure out what to get for people for xmas and b. not being able to afford to get them all the useless crap they seem to be expecting me to get them. Fuck it, I'm throwing a huge dinner bash with roast goose and plum pudding, dammit.
  • I just put up the candle lights in the dormer windows and my 4 year old daughter went nuts when she got home from pre-school....thats all I need for my 100% terrific.
  • The incessant Christmas Carols--MUST they start the day after Thanksgiving and run nonstop for an entire month?

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