• Whoa!!! Cyndi, congratulations! You are in for the ride of your life.
  • Unless your doctor has told you otherwise, start taking prenatal vitamins immediately.
  • It's okay, you have 8 months or so to figure it out. All will be well! :)
  • I have one friend that just lost her baby, have another that can't get are blessed, have your baby, love and cherish it
  • Maybe Parenting For Dummies? :) Best of luck.
  • First off, Congrats Cyndi! I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant with my first. I was scared shitless! I didn't know what to do. But that little boy was and is my everything! I couldn't imagine my life without him today. I now have two other boys that I had a decade later and I was just as scared with each of them. No worries, your motherly instincts will kick in and you will feel like the luckiest women alive! Babies are a blessing, cherish each and every moment. Even the morning sickness :)
  • Wow, Cyndi!!! How exciting! I'm sure you'll continue getting your exercise and eating lots of healthy foods. And of course you'll see your doctor regularly! Hearty congratulations! I have no doubt you'll have a well-loved baby.
  • Don't go to a big sale at wal-mart when you're 8 months into this :( Please :( OH AND CONGRATULATIONS =D TELL US THE CONFIRMATION TOMORROW :)
  • Start slapping high fives on anyone you can reach!
  • Ya know what It doesn't matter if you no nothing now because you will. You'll figure it out. I read all the books and magazines to get ready for my lil girl and it helped some but everyday she does something that's not in the book and I gotta figure it out. Don't worry you'll be fine.
  • OMG! Congratulations is in order..Well Congratulations! You'll make a great mommy.
  • Low grade Tylenol for any pain, no extra strength!!Stay away from fish, some kinds are ok( gotta look up what kinds though) in small amounts, I was told the mercury content is whats risky, NO NO NO shellfish. Tons of stuff everywhere about babies and the stuff not to eat. I just had a baby recently and had my head buried in baby books and was online and asked the doctor alot. No smoking, drinking, some people think its no big deal but I stayed away from it all and had a healthy 8lb 7oz girl. Low birth weight is no joke, a a friend's daughter, 23 years old, drank wine coolers and smoked constantly had a full term 2 lb baby. Eat healthy, rest alot. Take your prenatal vitamins everyday for your health and the baby they drain everything from you, baby will drain your calcium horribly, watch your teeth!! Don't skip eating in fear of gaining weight, you will starve the baby. Limit caffeine, it affects their heart too. It comes to you naturally after the baby comes, babies aren't shy to let you know what they want. Breastfeed if you can, formula is rediculously expensive (I couldn't because I had complications and the meds kept me from doing it and I dried up before I could :(. ) Must have your carseat to even leave a hospital legally if in US. Learn to swaddle before you have the baby, all babies get swaddled in the beginning. I didn't know and it was a nightmare. Few items to keep in mind that make life so much easier: Diaper genie, sleeping wedge, (for newborn because they roll but can't keep from smothering on their own!),premeasured food dispenser(if formula fed), wiper warmer (if baby screams at the sudden cold wipes).
  • Congratulations! No one ever knows what the heck is going on the first time. You will have plenty of feedback from other moms. Ignore the horror stories..they are usually exaggerated and over-the-top just to get you to admire their courage. Pay attention to the pragmatic, undramatic accounts....they are more near the truth. You will have the medical professionals and there are books. But in the final analysis common sense and a lot of luck will carry you through! Happy Monday! :) ((hugs)) My pregnancy was a piece of cake..labor was 4-1/2 hours..easy peasy! I was not athletic, didn't do any particular excercises and I came through it just fine. You will too! :)
  • I'll let you in on a little secret -- ALL first-time parents feel that way. I'll never forget bringing our son home from the hospital after a week in NICU. My wife's mother had been with us the whole week, and with all the nurses and doctors that had been swarming around our baby, when we finally got to the car my wife turned to me and said, "We were the least competent people in the whole room, and now they're handing the kid over to US!" You DO eventually start feeling like you know what the hell you're doing, though...
  • First off, if this is what you wanted, then congratulations! Secondly, start saving up now! :-)
  • Cyndi, you will be a great mom. You are such a nice and caring person, I cant think of a better person for the job!!! ((HUGS))
  • Congratulations! Feel free to call on me as needed. I've been around the mommy block a few times and I think I have most of it figured out by now :)
  • Congrats!! N.C. and I are so happy for you. We will be back in the "Little Ninja" looking for a gift! (I will make sure nothing with fire makes it your way) Don't worry, mother nature will kick in and you will know what to do.
  • Cindi,You have no idea what you are doing? Shall I start by saying ninja,that it appears you have,"taken something serious that was poked at you in fun".Congrats,now you must sneak up on each other and scream in your best juvenile voice, "Mama,Daddy,Mama,Daddy..."
  • wow congrats, so many weeks are you now? Three pos tests usually means a baby:) Good Luck!! I have been pregnant twice, as I have to kids, so feel free to ask me any questions.

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