• At this website: we can read: "August 7, 2023 a Near Earth Object (NEO) called 1999 AN10 will come within 0 .002652 AU of the earth." But it seems to have changed/updated: "New observations are now available for asteroid 1999 AN10, which is gradually moving away from the glare of the Sun. The new data allow a considerably improved orbit to be calculated for this potentially hazardous object, and the revised predictions indicate that this kilometer-size asteroid could pass particularly close to the Earth on August 7, 2027. The passage in 2027 could be as close as 37,000 km from the Earth's center (just 19,000 miles above the Earth's surface), but no closer."
  • With such a short distance from earth will the asteroid be taking out any satellites along its journey? Being such a short distance could a slight shift along its trajectory cause it to collide with earth or send it further away? If the asteroid passes by like their predicting, is it bound to circle back around on a collision course? All and all I think its way to close for comfort.
  • We're going to die just like the predictions said we would. Don't you remember how we had all those apocalyptic events and we all died in 2000, 2003, 2012, and 2017? We will undoubtedly all die again in 2023.

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