• Because like anywhere else, there are diffrent races, tradition and culture.
  • Because people are still on the mind of ignorance.
  • pure ignorance
  • Because there are a lot of ignorant people.
  • The same reason its still in other countries.
  • What is your difiniton of modern? How would creationists fit into that definition?
  • because ppl cant get passed there skin color and see there heart instead of there skin color
  • Oh please, there is racism in EVERY country in the world. It's human nature to be suspicious of those who are different. It's also common in the animal kingdom. It's a survival instinct.
  • Because some people will always not trust those who are different from themselves. XENEPHOBIA.
  • Everyone is a racist or prejudice (they both are the same) about something, whether its people, places, food, Schools, animals, cars, and thousands of other things, but for this conversation, I assume this question refers to the color of your skin, religious beliefs or non beliefs, sexual preferences, personal habits, how one dresses, cleanliness and if you say you’re not! You are lying to yourself and others. IE: Say your daughter was raised a devout Catholic and she decides to marry a LDS Bishop (Mormon), or a Pagan, would you support her without even a question or comment about her decision? Or say she is a Left Wing Radical Activist, and she decides to marry the local leader of the John Birch Society. Everyone has some form of racism and prejudice.
  • The people exist.
  • I think it comes from fear, ignorance and the need for some people to have scapegoats so they have a whipping post to beat up. Some people are proudly racist..people who belong to racist organizations like the KKK. Some people are closet racists. Some are racist and don't even know it. Some racism is know, little kids grow up in a home where mummy and daddy the kids hate unless they are very smart and can figure out how unfair it is..then they retrain themselves and become embarrassed by the ignorance of their parents. It does happen! Happy Monday! :)
  • Because children are not taught early enough to respect other children and adults. I have written a blog on this at

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