• Somewhat similar to your method. I too keep adding a little this or that every time I follow a recipe while cooking. The dish takes a whole new taste and flavor everytime it is made without loosing its originality.
  • I do pretty much the same thing and even when I do use recipes, I substitute, add or take away so much that I end up with my own concoction anyway
  • I keep my recipe in my head. Peanut butter and jelly is hard to screw up.
  • I peel off the plastic and pop whatever it is I'm going to "cook" in the microwave. :)
  • about the same way, although sometimes I use recipes, but more as guidelines than anything
  • I cook "Iron Chef" style. I get good quality ingredients depending on what's available, what's in season. At dinner time I assess what's available to cook with, and synthesize; I imagine the dishes I could make from these ingredients and choose the one that sounds best.
  • I rarely use a recipe. I have before, but I'd rather do it on my own!!
  • I watch a lot of foodtv shows and get a lot of the recipes....but I don't follow them exactly. I eliminate stuff and add my own. Mostly I edit out the junk I don't like, such as fennel (i hate it) and cilantro (a mere touch, anything more is yucky!)and add in stuff I do like...such as mushrooms, green peppers, onions, etc. Hey, food is creative. But, I will admit a lot of my recipes are handed down favorites with no recipes involved.
  • I cook like you, the only time I use a recipe is if I am trying to recreate a dish, but I always change it and make it my own.
  • I call Pizza Hut.
  • I don't cook that much so the first time I try to follow the recipe. The second and subsequent times I will experiment by changing ingredients, etc.
  • I don't consider myself a great cook, so I consult the recipe and follow it to the letter.
  • Some things I make just out of my head, but many things are written down, with notes so I can perfect it and remember what I did exactly so it gets better each time. I'm a perfectionist and strive to get the most flavor out of everything as possible. So exact methods, times, and ingredients help to make things closer to perfect.
  • WHen I make a new dish I will read three of four recipes to get a general idea, then I will improvise.
  • When I find a new recipe, I try to follow it to the letter, but after that it rarely comes out the same twice.

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