• Depends only on the might of your willpower. I personally enjoy a good Cuban now and then
  • Depends on the person. For some, it's impossible. Personally, I was lucky to be able to. I'm at 3 1/2 months with just will power.
  • everyone is different i think for me the first few months was easy it was after that i thought i could take one when drinking but after a few months i was back on them
  • Not too hard, I have done it several times. hee hee Maybe u have to give up everything like booze too. This worked for me, finally. After about a month you will not have any real cravings. Just realize this feeling is not a craving, it is just a feeling you get naturally. Oh ya, and remember that it would taste terrible now anyway. (after not smoking so long). Usually after one week, or even a few days there is no real need by the body for one. Get some gum. (not sugar free-it is bad for you and can cause headaches).
  • I believe it is different for each person. My dad had smoked for 40 years and gave them up cold turkey. He said he just forced himself not to think about it. He says he still craves them but he does not give in.
  • That's how I did it. One day I saw it was never going to get any easier, and that was it. The first 2 days were hard, then it got easier. But certain activities (going to bars, etc.) were still difficult for about a year. I think it depends on the individual.

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