• i don't think it's immature. i find it adorable :]
  • Because women are immature
  • They do?!? Crap... I do both :.
  • Since when do I find it immature? What kind of women do you hang out with?
  • I don't see anything wrong with either of them, since I do them both at times. I do however dislike when both of those things are all a guy does, I like a balanced person, not someone who is obsessed with those things. That is the only immature thing I can think about video games or cartoons.
  • I only find it immature when they do that to exclusion of all else!
  • Gross generalization. Not all women are like that. In fact, my partner doesn't like video games or cartoons and I love both. Try not to beleive all the stereotypes out there.
  • I wouldn't know why anyone would think either of those are immature.
  • I don't understand it AT ALL. I don't have a problem with it or discourage it to my guy. It's just not for me. I'd rather have a conversation or play a game with a real person, not lose myself in an imaginary world. So, for me, I don't get it but I know it's just a guy thing.
  • I watch cartoons and play video games, daily! Why would I think it's immature for a man to? If he seems to have his life together, doesn't act like a total ass, or look like a bum, I'd say that's good enough.
  • I would think because it is selfish and lazy Instead of meeting people and learning to get on with and communicate with them and accomplish something they are hiding behind their computers which is unattractive and undesirable to many of us.

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